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Do we really want an Obama Doctrine?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) March 23rd, 2011

Should our president craft an Obama Doctrine to inform foreign policy? Sure Bush had a doctrine. He never needed to concern himself with the nuances (facts) because he already knew what to think about every situation. Bush was an ideologue. Do we want this president to be one too? Because he committed military force to saving Libyans from Qaddafi’s likely genocide, do we want him to also declare no-fly zones over Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and perhaps Iran next? Frankly, I don’t want that. I’m perfectly comfortable with a thoughtful approach that evaluates each foreign policy decision on its particular merits rafter than some standard short enough to fit on a bumper sticker.

Do you agree that while the bumper sticker slogans work great for public consumption and the 3 minute news blitz before ABC News turns to the really important stuff like what Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown are up to, it doesn’t result in smart decision making.

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Having been there, it would be nice to know the governing principle that directs the Commander in Chief to commit warriors lives.

Since it is a volunteer military, those who bear arms for the great USA ought to know up front what the circumstances are that will require them to kill or be killed.

Is it to protect the vital interests of the USA. No problem.
Is it to kill or drive away a psychotic dictator and his cadre? OK, I can do that. There is a certain justice implied there.

Is it to gain poll points with a pseudo intellectual constituency. Fuck that.

So, yes, we should know the governing principle. If the Commander in Chief is too chicken shit to say what it is, than he should not be Commander in Chief. Leadership is all about rational commitment. If you can not commit one way or the other, in Washington, or on the battlefield. get fucking lost before I get killed.

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Could only speak for me, not we, but my past 42 years have gone just swimmingly without no Obama. Doctrine.

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No, what we NEED is an Obama detector! : D

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Perhaps the Obama Doctrine is “to consider each instance individually.” I would support that.

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@josie Far as I know, in all the time Congress has had the responsibility to declare war, they haven’t articulated a bumper sticker Doctrine of when, in their infinite wisdom, we do and don’t commit military force to a particular cause. Apparently selling newspapers for William Randolph Hearst was close enough to a vital interest of the USA that they declare a war on Spain so long as it could be conveniently covered by his reporters close by in Cuba.

@laureth I have my misgivings about the constitutionality of it, but as far as the rationale, I totally agree.

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What @laureth said. It would depend on what the doctrine actually says.

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