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What do I do if I have ICE DAMS on my roof?

Asked by marialisa (464points) March 23rd, 2011

I have a leaking garage roof into attic and had someone look at where it’s coming from. It is leaking through the roof and has already created black mold!

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your roof may be sagging. Besides all your other problems that may need repair [rotting timbers, damaged roofing tiles, whatever] you may need to have a cricket constructed to direct waterflow away from the low point.

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There should be soffit vents every few feet. A house without them will be susceptible to ice dams which cause water to back up and go under the shingles. It is useful to have the first 2 feet of roof be metal so it will help snow and ice slide off instead of stick and freeze causing the dams. Some people use heat cables to melt the ice build -up. It’s run in a zig zag pattern along the roofs edge.

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