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What's your take on the Peavey amplifier: Vypyr Tube 120watt head?

Asked by Axemusica (9465points) March 24th, 2011

I’ve been thinking about buying one after playing it at the instrument store. I was very impressed. The guy trying to show me “what’s what” had me play a 6505+ combo, then the Head with (what I think was a) Valveking cabinet (more Peavey models). Then I played the Vypyr Tube 120 Head on the Vlkg and was completely blown away. Even the setting that’s supposed to sound like the 6505 sounded better than the actual combo & head.

Thing is, I always try to read up on things I want that are expensive. Being a musician, I often read about gear when I discover it.This being the first Peavey I played that I really enjoyed, I had to do some research.

After rigorous searches across Google, I’ve only found 2 bad reviews. (bad being no lower than 2 stars out of 5) Every other review were people raving about how “Awesome” the sound is.

So, does anyone have one of these and has some quirks they’d like to let me know of?

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I have a friend with the Vypyr modeling amp, and although the tone is great, so many onboard effects are kind of overkill and hard to switch. He’s also had the power crap out on him once, but that was fixable fairly easily.

So I’d actually go with something else if you already have some stompboxes to make up for the lack of effects on the amp. There are better (and cheaper), but more simplistic heads out there that may be better, and perhaps more reliable if you just eliminate the onboard effects. I’d look into this JCA head myself, as it’s the same price as the Peavy, but with a little drop in wattage. JCA is a fairly reliable brand in my opinion, so I don’t think you’d be going wrong there, but if you need to play the head to find out you might just want to go with the Peavy, it’s kind of a small company so it might not be in your local music store.

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Yea, @dverhey I live in AK and never heard of that brand. Also, I planned on getting the Sanpera II pedal control board. So switching effect would be a breeze. I already tried it the same day I was testing it. I also have the power covered with a UPS that I recently bought. Also, price is a factor and the Vypyr is really affordable.

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Or even better MY demo of the head with the sanpera pedal. :)

The head, Coffin Case & Sanpera II pedal totaled to about $880.00. Not bad IMO.

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Yeah, that’s a pretty good price for all 3. New gear is always exciting.

What kind of cabinet is that in your video?

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Not sure. My bassist is letting me use it. It’s just a generic cab. I plan to change it when more funds come my way with a Mesa Boogie Roadking.

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