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How does make money?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 24th, 2011 serves as a database for providing average salaries on all kinds of jobs, and also as a job search engine. I don`t recall seeing any ads and for the most part it seems free. Any ideas?

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It has a lot of advertising. On the home page, right now there is an ad for, two ads for Allstate, and an ad for a book.

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Maybe its my browser firefox? i dont see any ads.

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@robdamel I don’t know. I use Firefox too. Are you a registered user maybe?

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I’m not registered, use FF & see all of the ads.

You don’t see the aflac duck when you open it @robdamel?

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FF has a feature called “Adblock” or “Adblock Plus”.

I’m wondering if your particular version of FF has this as a default. It’s very effective and most people opt for it during install or update.

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@Buttonstc Yep, thats it, just realized I had it. Pretty awesome, I guess its pretty efficient.

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