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How soon do you think the War in Iraq will end if Obama is elected in November?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) April 18th, 2008

I’m not trying to turn this into a political debate, just wondering how soon you expect it to end..

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The war will go on.

Not a very pleasant thought, is it?

It won’t matter who gets elected.

It’s a Gift from the Republicans.

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Not soon enough.

Response moderated
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MrKnowItAll saw hairypalms response which was directed at me.

I object to it’s removal, since his remark reflects upon him, not me.

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As fast as the Democrats can say “we surrender, attack us again please”

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OKAY THIS IS RETARTED!!!!!!!!. Thank you MrKnow it all. This sight is to controling!!!!

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It’s spelled “Retarded”.

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it wont end just like that this could be a war that never ends

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well he won’t be in office til January 09 and I font think all of our soldiers will be out til at least 2010

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He won’t end it. Nor will Hillary.

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I think we’ll make moderate trips on and out,renewing troops but in a cycle so we keep the same number

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I think shortly after he takes office either Iran or Israel will attack the other.

This is if Bush hasn’t already attacked Iran.

Iran will attack once they feel negotiations with him have gone well enough to lull him into a sense of safety. Or sooner if they feel the US is not prepared to respond quickly due to the leadership change.

Israel will attack once they believe the U.S. will not preempt the nuclear proliferation of Iran.

If this does occur the removing of troops from Iraq will be put off long term.

Of course if McCain is elected I think the same thing is going to happen. Except for the negotiations part.

Though even if this doesn’t happen, I agree with trainerboy.

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@iron: your one negative guy haha.we all know the next president will try and keep the peace and have our military stick to fighting two wars,maybe even just one if we pull out of Iraq.but if mccain wins,he’s not going to listen to the people like
busch.both hilary and mccain want to make money,u can tell they support the upperclass and corporations with the big money,since u can tell by the tax returns.obamas will do whats right and whats for the people,he won’t hide anything.him and his wife grew up in Chicago with the middle and working class.

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he will prob get shot by some hillbilly

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Oh hairy palm your such a realist,let’s hope we learn from our past(Kennedy assasination)this presidential race might also depend on the VP ya know

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I think Obama said he expected to have the troops home in 16 months. I don’t see
how he can do that, but I do think he said it.

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