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How would a man know if he was attractive to women?

Asked by exactlyso (10points) March 24th, 2011

Since women are less overt than men about indicating their attraction, how would a man know if he was attractive to women?

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Less overt? You’re kidding, right? Open your eyes man!

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Ask women?

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That’s like asking a dog if he is attracted to my leg.

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Come on! Depends on you’re age. If you’re a teenager in high school, she’s running around you, sitting in your lap every day, shy when you ask her something, always giggly and what not.

With older [older when compared to teenage girls] women, and by older I mean mature [as in older then, what, 35 or something?] it’s a lot more subtle.

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The ones that don’t know are even more attractive.

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There are different ques, touching you, the way she will look at you, or talk to you, but the easiest way if you are having a hard time telling is just by asking her. Women aren’t at all like men, they are more tell it like it is people.

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People, male or female, are all different. People aren’t math class. There isn’t a formula to figure out if someone likes you, is interested in you, thinks you’re cute, ect. And lets get real here. Asking someone if they think you’re good looking is a quick way to end up looking like a fool or narcissist. I mean, you’re fishing for a compliment there whether you mean it to come off as that way or not.

Fuck what people think. Do what you need to so that YOU think you look good. Confidence looks good on everyone. And if you come across a girl you think is cute and you’re interested in her, ask her to do something so that you can get to know her. Ask her on a date. If a stranger doesn’t find you attractive, then they’re usually not going to go on a date with you. And if they don’t, fuck ‘em. Someone else will.

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If he asked, and she said “yes”.

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The way your question is phrased could be read two ways.

1) What cues will women give if they are attracted to a man?

2) How do I know if what I am is what women are into?

#1 has been addressed pretty well above, but the more you talk to people the more you’ll get a sense for it. It’s part of learning social skills- paying attention to what the people around you may be thinking and feeling. As long as it seems like she’s trying to prolong the conversation, that’s a good start. It’s all about building a nice rapport together.

As for #2, people’s interests are all over the map. As long as you’re taking care of yourself, you’ll do well. Yes, be yourself, but strive to be your best self. Wear nice, clean clothes, cultivate a few interesting hobbies that you enjoy, keep yourself in shape, and keep a positive attitude. It’s amazing how many guys I know who will start an interaction with a new woman by saying something negative, like, “nobody ever dates me,” or, “you’ll probably just get tired of me.” If you say something like that to a new person, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or guys who only have seem to have one interest that takes up all their free time, like watching sports or playing online games, and that’s all they talked about. Fun, happiness, and positivity are naturally magnetic.

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If she said “yes” thats probably a good indication.

Does she stand close to you? Is she okay if you are in her personal space? Does she treat you differently from the way she treats other people?

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How hard can it be to ask a woman that question?
The question of if you are attractive is somewhat ambiguous as so many things make up being attractive. And it is all different in the eye of the beholder.
I guess the fact that you are asking the question may mean you possibly very introverted, have not been told that by a woman, have a low self esteem of yourself, you are a sensative person and it has never been important to you and for some reason want to know, or a plethora of other reasons.
It is so much more than looks as other people here have stated. how you carry yourself, your personality, etc rolls into it and so much more.
Simply ask a person who you know.
If you walk up to a complete stranger and ask that question, that is a completely different thing.

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I would ask someone that already seems to like me :)
am I allowed to say that? I am new here :)

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They would be taking opportunity to talk with you, usually by asking you questions, sometimes rather “lame” ones! LOL!

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I was always open and friendly to everyone in high school – except this one guy that I had a crush on. Every time he talked to me, I about fainted right there. I always cut the conversation short and made a quick exit. He must have thought I hated him!

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The exception that proves the rule? : )

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from the expraition..

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@CaptainHarley I thought my answer was proof of the rule, not the exception. I treated him differently, like @roundsquare mentioned. But as I mentioned, I was in high school then. I work at a high school, and I noticed that when the girls are attracted to a certain guy, they get all nervous when that guy is around. Older women are more comfortable letting a guy know if he melts their butter.

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LMAO! I suppose so. : )

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Women feel attracted to men who share their facial proportions, such as a long or round face, full or thin lips, or the relation between nose-mouth and mouth-chin distance. And vice versa. This means that if you find a woman’s face particularly attractive, there is a good chance that she will also be attracted to you.

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Now where did you get this? I know that both sexes find symmetric faces much more attractive, and that there are other facial dimensions which attract, but attracted to faces that are similar?

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