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Is there someone you would drop everything for?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) April 18th, 2008

No matter what you are doing. Would you drop it for this person.

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My girlfriend. I don’t know about other people, but I think of it as my duty to do so for my significant other.

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The people in my life are more important than jobs, school, hobbies, etc. so if any of my friends or family needed me and it was a choice of not responding to their need or dropping everything, I would drop everything.

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You mean “quit whatever you are doing to help this person” or “give up everything you currently have in life”? The former I’d do for a lot of people (even for total strangers), the latter, not so much.

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@ Vincentt – good distinction. I would do anything for my kids. They didn’t ask to “be” so I owe them.

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my best friend, no matter what time of the day he can always count on me. i also try to do this for my mother, although i know she will always be there so i dont quite drop everything for her, i get to it as soon as i can.

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well, everyone can count on me, all the time, but i wouldn’t give up what i have now for anyone

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Family comes first in my book.

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**Not giving up what you have, but stopping what you are doing at the moment this person calls.**

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I don’t think I could really answer that until the situation occurred. It’s easy to say i’d give up everything now, Oh see what you gone and did babygall!!...LOL…99% percent of the time I would drop what I was doing for my baby girl..Everyones different though. Guess it just depends on whats important in your life or who..

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The are many people who I would quit what I was doing for.

There are several (but not a lot) of people who I would give up everything in my life for. Some are family and some are friends, but I’m sure all these people would do the same for me. It’s a mutual love/value/respect thing, I guess.

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great answer @allie. That about sums up how I feel about the situation.

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I would give up everything including my own life for my husband and daughter. Period!

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Not as of now, but I wish to find the person. As of now I can compromise with my girlfriend, but not exactly drop it all, yet.

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I got peedub’s back not matter what.

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Thanks man!

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Oh, of course, it also depends what that person is calling you for. If my friend who lives in another cities calls me so I can scratch his back, then I’d tell him to screw himself, of course :P
Then again, if someone expects me to drop everything then it’ll probably be for good reason, so I guess I’d do it.

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my bf. I would, because he DOES 4 me.

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ABSOLUTELY!!! My boyfriend, My Daughters, My Mother! Not necessarily in that order.

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I would give my all at any time for my Daughter without hesitation.

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My sister, first and foremost. My closest friends also know that they can call on me for anything, at any time, and they do. I like being the responsible and dependable one.

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Family and Nathan.

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My wife, my son, my daughter, my dad, my mam, my sister, and two friends

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Heck Yeah! My wife, my daughter that’s still in her belly, my mom, my dad, my sister, my grands, my in-laws, pretty much anyone in my family,

Friends-Brazz, Twitch, Flee, Larr, Germ, and more that I failed to mention! I’m here for my peeps!

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my ex stepson. Haven’t seen him in about 10 years, but if he needed me I would turn my life upside down and give up everything I have to help him.

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My grandmother.

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God and my husband!

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No, I don’t think so. No one yet.

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