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Is amihotornot the best way to get an objective independent measure of your attractiveness?

Asked by exactlyso (10points) March 24th, 2011

If you want to know how objectively attractive you are, is amihotornot the best way to find out?

How else could you determine how attractive you are to a large sampling of the opposite sex?

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No. It’s a really great way to develop self-esteem issues, though.

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I’m having trouble with the notion of “objective attractiveness”. Isn’t attractiveness always subjective? Amihotornot just gives you a whole lot of subjective assessments, but that doesn’t equal objectivity.

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I guess if you needed a large sample, regardless of the actual opinions. I did that when I was 19 or 20 and I got a 7.5 lol. And I think you meant general, not objective.

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It’s really more a good way to tell if the people who would visit think your hot at the moment that they’re clicking. Unless you’re on the side they didn’t just click on, then it’s more a testament to how lazy they are.

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Yes, in terms of physical attractiveness, objectively speaking. I’ll face it, the word HOT these days ( or any day for that matter ) means the sort of Victorias Secret type or GQ male model. Or to stretch we could include the mature male or female but still oozing with those blood rushing curves and bulges. And i am not of them so objectively I am not hot.

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Its all subjective and really has not meaning in the big picture of things.
Why on earth would you want to know this other than related to a bet with someone.

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The majority of the people who regularly visit that site are probably between the ages of 11 and 22. Their maturity level is probably stuck at the lower end of the spectrum. It’s stupid.

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I’m guessing this is a spam advertisement question post.

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