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Not following the (world) news. What is your view on that?

Asked by rebbel (28494points) March 24th, 2011

When i am in Holland (which is ten months per year, about) i pretty much follow the world news, generally.
When someone in my work, for example, shows signs to me (when we talk about world affairs) that he/she is not aware of what is going on, i feel that that is a bit shallow (even though i am not to judge that, but i feel it anyway).
When i am in Greece for the remaining two months of the year, i find myself (and the majority of my acquaintances) not following the news (either).
And strangely i feel not shallow those two months, as a matter of fact, i feel more ‘light’.
It is kind of a relieved feeling to not know what (usually bad) things go on in the world.
So, what is your view on it?
Shallow, to be a non-follower of news?
Or a blessing, if you don’t (want to) follow the news, or simply can’t (no television/radio/papers)?

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When I was about 22 years old, I went a little more than seven years without watching television, listening to the radio or reading any type of news. I didn’t feel one bit shallow. I actually felt enlightened.

For the past few weeks, I haven’t had my daily “news fix.” The first couple of days, I felt something akin to withdrawls. Now, I find myself relaxing without even music in the background. Just the sound of the Florida breeze. Really nice. The world keeps turning without my help.

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We were just talking about this recently here, sometimes I take a long break from the news. I tend to get depressed or personally wrapped up in the tragedy I see in the news, and it does me good to step away sometimes. Some of those breaks are quite lengthy… and I think it is healthy.

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I go through phases of not following the news regularly, and like the others here I feel much more relaxed, not shallow. In the course of daily contact with others I’ll hear the really important stuff, and follow up to become more informed, but it’s too easy to be overwhelmed by all the things I can’t fix.

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I like to follow the news. If I don’t, then I kinda feel out of touch, out of time and out of place. I just like to be informed.
Personally, if someone doesn’t watch the news for 2 months, then it’s fine with me.

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I cannot directly impact the outcome of events, and have no problem with not staying up. When I meet people socially, it gives us something to talk about, and how they explain current events to me pretty much determines if we will get along or not.

Unlike many people, I do subscribe to, and read on a daily basis, the local newspaper. And I get the Washington Post and the NYT at work via e-mail alerts. I do read a lot of magazines and online blogs, but usually on random topics.

Fine that you don’t follow the news. You probably have lots of other more interesting things to talk about.

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To each their own. Some of us follow the news because we like to, others just have no interest in the happenings in Oslo. Nothing most of us could do about whatevers anyway. It’s kind of like a television program—House, let’s say. It is what it is, and watching it won’t change what happens in the show.

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I severely limit my intake of news. If you think about it, for much of world history we did not know what was going on in the rest of the world for long periods of time.

It took weeks, months, even years for news to filter through to us from other parts of the world.

It gave life perspective.

I do not think you are shallow for not following the news. i think that you are wise.

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I checked out of all media 10 years ago after 9–11

No TV or radio news, no newspapers, and rarely read any articles on my homepage.

Their is no new news under the sun and it’s not healthy to be hooked into the slow fear drip of media.

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Living in the states I have to get up every morning to see if we have jumped in the middle of another conflict somewhere in the world.

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I dont think you are shallow, I choose not to be spoonfed a regular helping of scripted news/entertainment/distraction and contradiction from the media, If I want to know about anything then I research with an open mind satisfying my own interests, Truth does not exist other than in our own minds of how we choose to perceive it, brainwashing confuses and conflicts with these choices, hence-fear.

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