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What's the weirdest dream you've ever had? Or a couple of weird dreams?

Asked by jballzz (674points) March 24th, 2011

So I came home from school today, flopped onto my bed and took about a three hour nap. During that nap, I had a dream that literally could have been the plot of a South Park episode. In my dream, there was a tv show that has Native Americans performing rituals on tv. At the end of every ritual, there was an “orb” that told everybody something that would happen in the future. In my dream, there was a long episode where they kept performing rituals and using the orb over and over. At the end of the last ritual, the orb said “It’s a lie. Nothing matters. Kill everyone.” So then everybody on Earth started killing eachother, and then someone just suddenly yells “STOP! Don’t you see what we’re doing? How do we even know if this orb is telling the truth? Why are we listening to this?” And then I woke up because my mom was calling me. But anyway, this was a pretty weird dream for me and I just want to know some weird dreams you’ve had?

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I had a dream where I had sex with my best girl friend. Weirdly enough, she had the same dream about a month later.

I had a dream in middleschool wherein the school musical was a composite of Star Wars Episodes IV-VI.

Also, I had a dream where my school play was Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Recurring dream since I was quite young about an underground series of tunnels and mutant people who aren’t all threats, but we have to find the way out… or something. Some mutants are bad and some have to be rescued. I still have this dream sometimes. No, I didn’t play video games as a child.

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I would scare the &*(#(& out of anyone if I told them dreams that I keep having as a child.

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WARNING, THIS IS JUST A DREAM: planting a bomb in a parking garage

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I was taken aboard a space craft and told to kill my mother and father or they would cut off my arms and legs. This happened for nearly 8 years on a daily basis.

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A giant duck was chasing me around town and if i didn’t feed it bread. It would kill me… Yeeeeeah

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While I was taking Vicodin a while back I had some ridiculous dreams. This one’s a winner (cut for length):

I dreamed I was going to a New Year’s Eve party at my high school(?) but when I got there everyone was acting really strange, like they couldn’t see me. I thought I had brought my purse with me, but then I couldn’t find it so I asked my friend if she’d drive me home so I could see if it was there.
On the car ride home, my friend started acting weirder and weirder the closer we got to my house, and I somehow deduced from this that everybody was possessed and my house was the “epicenter” of all the strangeness. So when we arrived at my house I was really scared to go inside.
I walked into my kitchen and my dad was sitting at the table with his elbow up on the table and his chin in his hand, totally asleep. In his sleep he was repeating “just a group test averted just a group test averted” in a robotic-sounding voice.
I tiptoed past my dad and went to my room, where I found my purse. I could still hear my dad repeating that phrase. I figured I should just grab the purse and leave, but then I started worrying about my mom and sister. I called out “Mom…?” and immediately my dad started saying “a group test required a group test REQUIRED” with increasing volume and I knew something very bad was going to happen if I didn’t get out fast. I ran out the door, got in my friend’s car and told her to gun it.
That’s when I woke up really fucking creeped out and posted this question.
What is a group test and why does it sound so scary? :(

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Does anyone understand the true nature of dreams and that we are in contact with other beings during this time?

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the dream i keep having over and over is of a cartoon hippo on a hill. It changes from being soft and sleepy from spiky and sketchy. I have this dream about once a month?

And last night I dreamed that I have laying down and then I threw up. It went all over my face and I was choking on it and then I woke up in the same position… :P

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I was exploring an abandoned house and as I entered each room, a video would play with narration that would explain the history and use of the room.

The attic was filled with jars of spiders and other bugs that had been preserved, and there were taxidermy heads everywhere. In a side room from the attic was an old fashioned soda fountain and a heavy, carved ebony statue of a little girl sitting on a throne. There were huge metal fans on the ceiling too that looked very old fashion. The narrator explained that the owner of the house had the statue made to immortalize his dead little girl.

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I dreamed a full musical black-comedy set in a high school, revolving around a misunderstood main character, and the fear of “outsiders” after the Columbine shootings. Think South Park meets Glee and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I wish I could remember it, I can’t even remember one whole song. But I do remember one scene in it was set in a gym and everyone was on roller skates, and some of the lyrics were, “I want to kill people, sure… I want to slay! I want to murder each one of you, every day.” It was choreographed and fully realized with multiple parts and themes, perfectly woven in. It was great… It was really great dream because it was a full musical with macabre humor about being different and how high school basically sucks for everyone, jocks and popular girls included. Yeah it was epic, and weird. Oh and it was actually partially a true story about my awful experience going to this one school before my dad made me drop out. Yeah… and I was singing lead. I think I was Neil Patrick Harris, playing the high school version of me. Yeah, it was a crazy dream. One of the most creative ones too. Ah… I wish I could remember it all. Great theatrics, catchy songs, good plot, enjoyable, and almost entirely forgotten after I woke up.

Also, a week or two ago. I dreamed about buying really excellent bagels… That I planned in, the dream mind you, to eat as soon as I woke up. Dammit, I wanted those bagels! I even started looking for them before I had fully woken up. All dreams are weird.

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No kidding…I just saw this question now:

I woke up this AM after having the most gruesome dream that involved me living in a home with that serial killer from The Silence of the Lambs.

I have never had a dream disturb me so!

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@everephebe, wow, your dreams are as detailed and coordinated as many of mine, apparently.

Oh damn, the Rebecca Black thread actually reminded me of another freaky narrated dream I had.

The dream was like a movie in that I wasn’t actually present in the events, but watching them unfold from certain “camera angles.”

The “camera” panned across an open field and began to focus on an abandoned baseball diamond as dark clouds formed overhead. A lone black man who was very old and had a very weathered face sat on the bleachers staring off into space. As the camera slowly focused and zoomed in on the black man’s face, an unseen narrator began to speak:

“Everyone can feel it, but most can’t even describe it…
but for some, it’s like they are staring into the

…And the universe is staring right back
into them.”

With that, it began to rain. The camera flashed to raindrops hitting the pavement. Each splash of rain was a little ghostly looking face and the pavement was made out of staring eyes.

Another dream I remember that was very bizarre… I usually remember every detail of my dreams. This one, like the one about the baseball diamond, had a sort of narration (in the form of a song) in it that I was able to jot down upon waking. Freaking sweet. Forgive the weird formatting, I copied and pasted it from one of my notes on facebook.

I dreamed that I was climbing a massive red clay mountain that was covered in tall pines. At the very top of the mountain was

a large box filled with newspapers that a middle-aged man was sifting through. He read stories from the newspapers about

another man who was supposed to be a sort of spiritual guru who was famous for his good works and his philosophy (he never

said the man’s name). After a while, an ancient Asian man came stumbling out of the woods crying. He had to be at least 150 years old as he

was withered and had a long white beard and big, bushy white eyebrows. I knew instantly that he was the man from the newspapers.

He stood before the middle-aged man and I, still with tears in his eyes. The middle-aged man pulled a violin out of a case

and started to play a slow, yet upbeat song. With that, the Ancient Man began to sing:

In God’s perfect garden

It doesn’t matter if you die young

My age is just a shield against

the Devil’s rusted plow

A callous hand to show you

If you die old like me

Then be like the mountain

Not like the bombs

Or waves

And let them climb and reach

Upon you

And you will cradle them

In your valleys

While he sang, I climbed to the very peak of the mountain where the soil was loose and red. I stood on the very top

and watched the sun rise over a huge and expansive evergreen and pine forest, casting a brilliant orange glow

across the treetops while the Ancient Man’s song echoed over them.

I slid down back to where the men were, and the middle aged man had snuggled up with his violin and gone to sleep.

The Ancient Man was lying as well, dead, on a mat made from the newspapers about him. His lips still moved to the

tune of the song, and I sang it myself in my head.

I wrapped him up the newspapers, and wrote his song on the front of his makeshift funeral wrappings, and I carried him

to a cave and laid him down on a pile of rocks. I stepped back out into the sun….

….and then I woke up.

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About 12 years ago I had a dream in which I was on the run with my family (except it wasn’t my real family, it was like I was someone else; I had a wife & two teenage kids, a girl and a boy). It was a vaguely post-apocalyptic world and we were in the USA travelling north, looking for the Canadian border. There was a sense that if we got to Canada we’d be “safe”. I don’t know who or what was chasing us.

At one point in the dream we were crossing vast wheatfields and we came across a railway line, travelled north along it until we came across a rusted old locomotive. We sheltered there for the night and I remember opening a map and looking up where we were.

That map was burned into my memory and when I awoke the following morning I looked at a real map of the USA and I could see that we’d been in North Dakota, heading straight up towards Winnipeg.

Years later I started to play Second Life and one day whilst exploring I found this

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I had a dream when I was about 8 yrs old that I saw a Rat running towards me, and I was soo terified that my legs froze there while the rat was running closer and closer, I screamed my lungs out while dreaming, and my mom woke me up out of it !!

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Short version: I was dreaming that my grandfather was in the hospital – in a coma, I think. I was crying and crying. Suddenly he stopped breathing and died. I woke up holding my breath. I sat straight up and freaked out.

Another dream… I had this at age 4. It was all in black and light, but not quite neon, green. The stone lions that stand at the front the walk really scared me, but I finally got up the nerve to walk past by reminding myself over and over that they weren’t real. As soon as I got to the door, the came alive and started chasing me through the house.

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I was on Chantix for a few months and every night was like ‘theater of the mind’. My dreams were so vivid that it was like being awake, plus they were super random and bizarre.

My favorite dream from that period was that I went on a date with Rachel Maddow and ended up back at her place. We were in her living room and about to make out, at which point she casually proposds that we film it for a porno movie. In my dream, this wasn’t unusual at all and I said okay.

We started to get busy and at some point, my mom showed up, to ‘supervise’ the filming. This should have been weird, but again, in my dream, it was not unusual.

Rachel and I wrapped up round one, and kind of hung out a little, sated and happy. Then, she proposed we shoot another scene, this time on the beach. I was on board until she opened up a door off the living room and, looking outside, there was a beach just absolutely packed with people. That was where I drew the line.. I just could not film a porno in front of a million people (though, apparently, it was fine that a million people might watch the video).

I really wonder about my brain sometimes.

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I once had a trilogy.
1st dream was me on a bike tour, making rest at a supermarket, when a nuke crashed into the ground next to me. I woke up before it exploded.
2nd dream was me sitting in the classroom back facing the window. There was a bright flash outside and it became hotter and hotter at the back.
3rd dream was me standing on top of a building watching nukes hit and detonate all over the city. I ran down the stairs into the basement and got covered by rubble there. When I crawled out of the rubble I watched huge tripods collecting humans into camps.
I am pretty sure that this was a prophecy that will come to pass soon.

Then there was the dream where I got shot in the head. That was weird.

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As a child, I used to have a reoccurring dream about an outdoor swimming pool area. The pool was divided into multiple sections which were all different sizes, shapes and depth. Throughout the dream, I was attempting to reach the opposite side of the complex where my parents were.

About five years ago, a co-worker walked into my office and showed me a brochure from a hotel he had just visited. The front of the brochure featured of this pool. Here it is.

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I just found this thread after attempting to ask a question with the same heading. But here goes- I dunno if I can pinpoint a specific weird dream, but I’ve had a couple of really weird ones.

One of them involved an alternate universe where I had just discovered I had the powers to be a witch and then trained how to use them. This was like energy magic- no flying around on broomsticks. It was weird and awesome.

I had another dream where I was able to manipulate matter using nothing more than a remote control. I used this to change stuff around the neighborhood, including remodeling my kitchen.

More recently, I had a dream about an alternate universe, where I was standing on a beach. It appeared to be in early spring- quite stormy and empty. I could tell there was a secret waiting for me if I kept walking far enough- and this is one of those beaches where the ocean is miles away (the sand felt wet but the tide would not return). I started walking toward the ocean, away from the coast- but quickly ran into wispy looking people and a forcefield. They called themselves Watchers and explained they were protecting me.
Protecting me from what? I was curious, so I joined them. Even when one of them, though, I didn’t know what I was protecting or who I was protecting from. Eventually, I just had to know- so I took a stroll farther down the beach. The thing they were protecting was The Answer (which was basically a glowing cardboard box). It was basically the answer to everything- so analogous to 42. But when the watchers saw that I had found this, or when they realised this, they banished me- nobody can look upon the Answer (even though I did).

Anyway, enough of my weirdness for now :P As you can see, my dreams usually have nothing to do with the real world- I have no idea why.

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