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What's it like to date a female atheist? I would like to know some things.

Asked by Blackberry (31923points) March 24th, 2011

I’ve never had a relationship (or even known) with a woman that was an atheist. Give me a break, this is just a thought I’ve been having and I’m curious. Are women that are atheists susceptible to a little more rationality in relationships and decision-making regarding relationships? I’d like to hear from people that have experienced this. Thank you.

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My wife is an atheist and is totally awesome. Maybe gets in a bit of a nihilistic or existential funk from time to time, but so do I. I think it must go with the territory.

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You’ll probably find it easier to get into her pants.

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I find religion has little to do with enjoying someones company, but I guess some people can’t get past it. Too bad for them.

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@Axemusica I think you are correct, although there are exceptions.

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“Are women that are atheists susceptible to a little more rationality in relationships and decision-making regarding relationships? ”

Oh, my goodness no. Remember these are WOMEN we’re talking about… :-)

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I’m a female agnostic atheist. I’ve had several men tell me I’m very logical and ‘not like most women’ in a relationship. I have no idea what came first, or if there’s any correlation at all.

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The Bondage is great! :-/
Lie in on Sundays too……. Cracking!! :-/

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Look. All female atheists are exactly the same. So when I tell you they seem to have to pee a lot, you’ll know you have to deal with that if you make the dubious decision to date her.

Of course, atheist women are super rational, and they all have IQs of about 206. Do you really want to go out with someone who could twist your mind into a pretzel in ten seconds flat?

I will give @Scooby that. IQs like that make them into really excellent dominatrices.

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@Seelix Actually, that makes no sense. I just read a random study about college sexual activity and there was no difference found in how much atheists had sex vs how much religious people put out. @Rarebear Um, yeah, awesome.

To the OP: I’ve dated female atheists ..generally, that’s just happens to be who I end up with. I don’t think it’s easier for atheists to have more rationality in relationships.

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@wundayatta I was expecting an answer like that lol. I don’t think atheist women are some super-genius minority that are an untapped treasure. I’m just curious about the unknown :)

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@Blackberry I’m pretty sure all women that are new to you are the unknown. It’s not like all you have the key to all women who believe in god.

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@Blackberry Why do you think that religious beliefs would distinguish any woman from any other? It’s only one of a gazillion factors that enter into a personality. These women are all individuals. No one here can tell you anything that will prepare you for the woman you are about to date. I bet you even know that.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – That was supposed to be a joke, based on the idea of Christians waiting till marriage. I guess I forgot the ;)

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@wundayatta Yes, it was a dumb question. I try not to think that religious beliefs would have an effect on any persons decision making, man or woman, but in some cases it does, and I have seen this. This wasn’t a serious question. To be honest, I simply felt curious about general answers because I have never probed this beyond anything except a fleeting thought in my own mind.

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It’s the nun’s outfits that do it for me! ;-) Lol……….

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Seriously, now. It won’t be an issue unless you make it an issue.

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I have no idea if my personal beliefs come into play, but I have never felt like that typical stereotype of over-emotional irrational girlfriend/wife has fit me. Then again, we all know how accurate generalizations are.
Just saying, I got your joke, @Seelix :)

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I don’t know that being an atheist automatically equates with being rational in a relationship. I can’t make generalizations. I can only speak to what I know about me and other women I have personal knowledge about. I think we can be every bit as irrational in certain situations independent of our religious or lack of religious beliefs. I value rationality so I live my life that way. I know other atheists who were/are very irrational along many lines. Perhaps they get carried away with questioning things lol.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir :-) It’s just me… you know I’m kidding…

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Godless women – oh no!

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Dating me is fucking awesome.

As for the rest of the female atheists, you’ll have to ask them.

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Atheist women are the best. Much more likely to scream your name at the key moment…

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@6rant6 I wouldn’t be so sure – most of the atheist women I’ve slept with still screamed “Oh, God… Oh, GOD!!!!”

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@MyNewtBoobs closet theists, I’m thinking

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They can be just as crazy, man. Sorry. :(

soooo very sorry…

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The implication that atheistic women are more willing to sleep around than those who believe in a deity really annoys me. I have always had a strong code of ethics, not because a church told me to, but because that’s what I wanted my life to be like. As an adult, I took instructions from a priest because I was engaged to a Catholic. It was there that I realized what I did NOT believe in. However, I also found that all the rules I’d made for myself were written in the book the priest gave me. I just didn’t have a religious reason for my rules.

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I am as sure there are irrational atheists as I’m sure there are rational believers. I don’t think you can propose a category of belief or nonbelief that has a population of zero.

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Don’t yell out “Oh GOD” when you’re having sex. Yell out “OH MATH” or “OH DAWKINS” instead~
First of all, congrats. Second, just treat her right. Squeeze her, don’t tease her, never leave her

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@Michael_Huntington – Thanks for making my morning. “OH MATH!”

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Ok, ok… apologies in advance but I cant resist…

Well, she started out saying she was an atheist, but before the evening was over she apparently changed her mind… I couldn’t get her to stop screaming OH GOD!!! OH GOD!!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…

PS… Rats, I see somebody as already beat me to this obvious quip… (sigh)

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“Thanks for making my morning. “OH MATH!””

This is one of the geekiest things I know.

And you don’t even have to be an atheist to enjoy it :>)

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Thanks @crisw, that was hilarious!

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