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What is the best brand luggage in Australia?

Asked by samanthajones026 (1points) March 24th, 2011

I am from New Zealand and I am planning to travel in Australia for a week this April 2011 and I will just bring a small luggage. I want to someone who can tell me the best brand luggage so I can all my thing pack up when I will be going back to my country. I am a person who loves to bring things and I want a big luggage for my comfort and of course the best value! I would appreciate for all your answers. I will be waiting for it before I go there.

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just go to a cheap as chips shop (or something like that) and buy a big soft sider with wheels.

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Sorry, your question is so poorly worded that it is difficult to know exactly what you are asking. If you are asking what brand will last the best, it depends on how heavy the things are you intend to buy.

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