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How to get rid of redirecting google virus (rootkit removal)?

Asked by myhousehasstairs (41points) March 24th, 2011

I already saw there is a question here similar but the answers were not at all helpful. I want to continue using the same browser I use. I have tried various virus scans but they have not detected this virus. I’ve read somewhere that it is a rootkit? I have tried going through the device manager also to see if i could find TDSSserv.sys, but it does not appear on there even when I click “view hidden files”. Anyone have other suggestions? Again typical programs such as maleware bytes or other virus scans have not helped me with this issue.

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Have you tried running them after booting up in safe mode?

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Download this live cd image and burn it to disc. Put that disc in the infected computer and boot from it. It’s called Security Tools Distribution and it contains the clamAV antivirus software. Update the virus definitions, mount the drive, and run clamAV. Antivirus tools can be a lot more effective when they run outside the context of an infected system.

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TDSS is a bitch. Avast! software worked for me, but I had to do a boot-time scan (it does the scan on reboot, before Windows starts up, so it tends to be better for rootkits.

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There are many threads out here with the same question, like this

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