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Taking a ten day trip by sea would you rather travel by sail or motor?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) March 25th, 2011

If you were going to travel the coast (either direction) and the trip was going to last 10 days would you rather travel by sail in the form of a 80ft gaff rigged schooner with all electric wenches so you can get close to the whales (if you found any or they found you), have the quiet of the wind, or would you rather be on a 63ft motor yacht so you would have more room and more amenities; skidoos, dingy, queen sized bed, etc?

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TBH Ive had some God fearing moments under sail on my small 23 footer. I would rather face rough seas on a power boat. (Dolphin /mermaids or not)
Admittedly I am noob to the beauty of sailing,
(Chief , when shit hits the fan in 2mtr waves and 39 kt winds where would you rather be?)

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Sail. Absolutely. I’ve done that on smaller sailboats and nothing beats it!

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Sail because of the quiet, but I don’t know how to handle a boat that big.

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@marinelife : That’s when a young, buff, compliant crew comes in handy. ;-)

@SeaTurtle : What a nonsensical remark on this thread.

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I’d go for a sail on the schooner as a boat that size under full sail will go almost as fast as a powered boat cruising the coast with none of the noise.

Did a full week dive trip on a 70’ converted shrimp trawler and I could never escape the roar of the engines except when anchored.

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Sail, with an experienced captain and crew who know that rig and that vessel.

You can save the electric wenches. I like real human girls.

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Definitely sail!

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Steam any time

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@basstrom188 Steam any time These days would that not be just a paddle boat up the Mississippi not a yacht out in the blue water?

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In general, I like the philosophy of ‘fewer moving parts means fewer places for things to go wrong”. Sail seems easier to repair, too. But sometimes it’s just really good to be able to get somewhere fast.

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I’m with you on the first part, @incendiary_dan . If something breaks on the sailboat, I know I can jury rig a fix done it more than once but if the engine goes out, I paddle. Which can be a real bitch on anything over 20 feet.

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Maybe a motorized boat with a backup sail?

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It depends. Generally id go with sail because of the peaceful aspects it presents. But if motor would allow me to to go to/see more place id go with that.

Im trying to get involved with a semester at sea program with my school. I went through a similar situation of do I go with sail or motor boat? Sail boat is really cool but because of time for the trip motor would allow me to see a lot more countries so thats the obvious choice.

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