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What would you recommend doing on a weekend trip to Chicago?

Asked by tedd (14048points) March 25th, 2011

As simple as the topic… what would you suggest doing/seeing/etc?

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Go to Navy Pier, at night. It’s really gorgeous, and has lots to do… I’d be a good date spot.

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@nir17 You would be huh?

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Don’t have much advice on the city itself. However, while you are in the airport, there is a little Irish “pub” that you must visit while waiting on your flight. Sorry, I don’t know the name of it, but it is located near the triangular corner where two major concourses meet.

It’s not so much the pub that is anything special, but there is a lady that works there named Marge (to be pronounced with the same sort of gravely accent as the character Roz from Monsters inc)

She is one of those tough gritty types that was just born to be a barmaid. She is also equipped with some strong opinions that she doesn’t mind, erm…, sharing. It’s well worth the time to sit at the end of the bar for a little while between flights, order yourself a beer, and just listen to her dole out abuse talk to folks.


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Visit some of the neighborhoods. See the blues Chicago style. Eat deepdish pizza.
The Museums of Science and industry is nice.

The former Sears Tower is worth a look see.

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I would go to the Field Museum,art galleries/museum during the day and at night go hear some blues.:)

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That totally depends on your likes and age and if you will have kids and what time of year. We have the some of the best zoo’s, museums, tall buildings, restaurants, Rush Street Bars, professional sports teams, blues bars, beaches, arboretums and congested highways in the world.

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It’d… what an inconvenient typo.

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I would visit the museums, and the zoo depending on the weather. It’s fun to go shopping downtown, with it’s underground mall.

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@nir17 Sounded more like a slip of the tongue to me.

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@nir17 We all make mistakes. The point was made clear, regardless, though.

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