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How to behave if I suspect having encountered HPV?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) March 25th, 2011

I am informed of the fact that my partner has a form of HPV. I am looking for concrete solutions, treatments, methods to face this problem.
Your help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance, people. cheers.

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There is a vaccine…. but no cure. Luckily, it isn’t deadly. However, it can cause cervical cancer.

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But you should see a doctor either way.

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The Mayo Clinic site and the Web MD site both have information. Mostly be alert and aware. I had a nasty bout with cervical cancer awhile ago, it’s no damned picnic. See a doctor (as @mowens and doubtless everyone else will say) and address those concerns.

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@JilltheTooth @mowens just for the past two weeks we’vebeen having unprotected sex.
Could there be some possibility that the risk is lesser and therefore more avoidable..?
i don’t know anything about this sort of infection, apart from the fact that it comes in many forms (few of which are cancerous, if I’m not mistaken).
I very much appreciate your comments.

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This might be a helpful place to start.

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There are numerous strains of HPV. Some are known to cause cervical cancer, some are known to cause genital warts, and some cause nothing at all (symptoms wise). If you are female, you need to go see a doctor and be tested. Stop having unprotected sex with this person until you know more about it. If you are male, unfortunately there isn’t a test (at least not in the US yet). As mentioned above, there is a vaccine that covers some of the strains known to cause cervical cancer and genital warts. The vacccine is available for men and women.

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I dont have quotes or data but I heard like 90% of people under the age of 35 have one form of hpv or another. its like the common cold of stds. it affects women in a negative way more so than men. a few strains cause warts. most strains are just dormant viruses people carry around and spread. chances are if youve had unprotected sex with 2 or more people and your fairly young you have a strain of hpv

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You should get tested immediately, and if you do have it and it is a form that is associated with cervical cancer your doctor will likely want to do regular screenings.

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As above I would see a doctor, or call a sexual health helpline or clinic if you don’t want to speak to a family doctor. There are lots of these in the UK but I don’t know about the States. There is a wee bit of information on this BBC site.

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