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Google chrome question again, cant install?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 25th, 2011

Okay, I had asked this question before, but since the question is old, I`m sure no one will find it and post on it again. I had chrome installed then one day I logged in and noticed that my google chrome icon was blank. So i looked for a file that had anything to do with google and it was all gone from my pc. Its not in the list of programs to remove, and its not in the Windows Program folder.

So I go to reinstall it, and right when installation is about to finish, it closes and says there was an unknown error and installation was not successful. Then it says to close chrome and try again.

Any ideas?

I have firefox now, but I am using the preloader since it bugs me on how long it takes to start up.

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Sounds to be like one of your anti-virus programs may be reading it as a virus and not letting it install. I’m no computer geek but maybe you could try disabling them, installing it and seeing if it works.

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Don’t install chrome. It’s the worst internet browser available. No plugins, you actually have to type www. in front of a url instead of just, and its layout makes no sense at all. It’s also slow, and there are many other reasons to hate it.

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It’s working great for me; my computer was slow as molasses with IE and doing just fine with Chrome.

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@janbb It does work, but the functionality sucks.

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@XOIIO: Quit the trolling.

Try using a program such as CCleaner to scan for corrupt registry entries. After you have cleared all of them, try doing a fresh install of Google Chrome.

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@c I’m not trolling. Google Chrome is the Worst browser I’ve ever used. Heck, Safari on pc is better.

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Are there reasons you really want Chrome? I installed it a little over a week ago and I think I want it off now. Since installing then everything seems slower, I’m not able to edit as easily what I type as I use to and it constantly tells me pages and sites are unavailable. I didn’t have these issues with Firefox but read where Chrome would give my computer some protections… blah.

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@c haha, nice name. Thanks for the answer, I tried using comodo cleaner and still no luck.

@XOIIO @Neizvestnaya Thanks for answering. Honestly, its simply because I am just used to it. What exactly makes firefox so special though? I am using it now, its pretty cool. It takes real long to start it up, even with very little customization. I am using the firefox preloader, and since I am on a notebook with 2gb ram running windows ultimate, that 30mb of ram from the preloader kind of hurts my conscious.

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@robdamel Firefox has lots of ad-ons and scripts that you can add yourself which some people find nice.

Why are you using a preloader?The standard version should work fine. IF not, get firefox portable, it’s designed to run froma flash drive.

Firefox usually is slow to start, and sometimes can be a system hog.

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This is why we can’t have nice things.

Can we just help this person answer their questions instead of starting a browser war?

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@dverhey Its alright, I like this- I need someone to convince me that chrome is bad, so I can just forget this problem of not being able to download it. I am a computer perfectionist, and that might be my next social question.

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Well, like I said, it has a horrible layout, is only [partly open source, so you cant really make your own plugins as far as I’ve seen, it slow for loading web pages with massive content, requires you to type www. in front of every url, which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, and google can monitor every site that you go to, when you go to it and how long you are on it for.

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If you directly type an adress into the url bar, you have to put the www. in front of it, at least , that’s how it was for the period of time that I was trying it.

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@XOIIO I don’t believe it does that anymore. I just tried with quite a few URLs I don’t go to and they worked fine without www at the beginning.

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Since the address bar also serves as the search engine, that is not true now.

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@dverhey Well at leasts its got one thing improved now.

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