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Can you name some things that get blown?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) March 25th, 2011

I think the question is self-explanatory:D

Each Jelly can name 1–3 only. Just to give other Jelly’s a say.

Let’s see what we can come up with. Have fun!!!

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I’ll start with:

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your cover

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I can name one that doesn’t :-(

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I have to say it: Male genitalia.

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I was going to give @erichw1504‘s answer. :P

Your knees.

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Head gasket
It. As in “you blew it”.

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Answers in the wind….

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The opportunity
A bridge

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Lawns and leaves.

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And this when you shoot it.

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Sailors get blown offshore. It’s an old, old bumper sticker.

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Tires and inner tubes

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Blow guns and spit ball shooters

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I can’t believe no one has said dicks.

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Zombie heads.
Spraynet cans thrown in the fire.

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@cockswain ^^Up there by @erichw1504 only he was a little more polite and said male genitalia

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Cash. My mom was notorious for this. You’d think someone with an IQ of 160 would be better with money.

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@chyna Wow, it was in bold too. Don’t know how a missed a big bold genitalia above me.

But in my defense, if we’re using the term ‘blowing’ and not ‘fellating’, I think it’s more appropriate to say dicks. Or cocks.

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Injection is fine, but I’d rather be _____!

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fuses, minds, guys with 20 bucks
@WasCy maybe more often, now that the Navy accepts women

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Skirts…like these.

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as if it was not enough that he looks like Palpatine

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the whistle
“this popsicle stand”
& the ‘whistle’

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raspberry, trumpet, dandelion seeds, exams
the man down

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-dust off of surfaces
-whistles and other reed instruments

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It’s Friday night. I bet someone is blowing into a breathalyzer right now.

sorry, I cheated. that was five answer for me

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Until the end of the 2010 season, diffusers on F1 cars.

Now they blow the whole floor of the car.

Prof. Brian Cox’s fucking mind

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Quads (from running down hill)
Gold mines

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Speakers. Crank up that volume on the 1,000 megawatt amp.

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Knees as in “blown out knees”


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Proportions. (out of)

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Japan’s nuclear reactors

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Believe it or not, Blow Out Preventers.

Even stranger, they are designed to work on films when their is no pressure on them, but they have a design flaw built in that causes them to fail under the pressure of the blow out they are supposed to prevent. Talk about blown regulatory overshght,by the US Interior Department, new permits are being handed out using the same exact piece of equipment. See the insanity about this, which is blown oversight.

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Bubble pipes.

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A woman’s blouse in a slight breeze. Gently wafts open revealing a stunning cleavage & just watch as those bosoms bounce & sway as she…........ahem, err…..things get blown, out of proportion that is :¬)

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In China: James, Bobby and Gordon.

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up, out, off, in, around, over, under, through, into

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abortion clinics

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The news generally gets blown out of proportion.

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I’ve been trying to think of something else not already listed. Getting so frustrated I’m about to blow my stack.

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“This town” gets blown a lot, I think.

And of course, safes were blown a lot in old Westerns (and some of the newer ones, too).

Bridges, tunnels and fortresses are always being blown in war movies.

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