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Where can I learn to sew?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19044points) March 26th, 2011

I want to learn to sew. I’ve done it a few times before, with varying degrees of success, but I’d like to learn to be able to do it beyond just the most basic level. Where/how would I go about doing this – I’d love for an actual person to help me, not just a book.

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I had an employer who said she started learning the basics by joining a training program many years ago that lasted three months. And then she self-studied by sewing a lot. She now only does not sew her own clothes but she also knits, weaves and cross stitches. I’m no expert but I’ve seen her works and they look great, her formal wear quite elegant.
On to my point now…
This employer of mine is happy when a neighbor, a granddaughter or someone she just met at a fabric store expresses desire to learn. She would say yes quickly if asked to mentor. So I suggest finding someone like her. Ladies who frequent fabric stores are your best candidates and try asking the store employees since they usually know their customers well enough that they could point you to the right person.

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There are some great tutorials online.

If you want one on one lessons, you could post a notice at your local fabric/craft stores.

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@mazingerz88 interesting..does your employer charge the student when mentoring? or for free? and how to determine the charge free?

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Many shops that sell sewing machines also give sewing lessons. Also many schools that offer adult education have sewing classes and I have seen sewing classes at some of the senior centers and they don’t always require that you be a senior to take the classes.

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@kitkat25 “Adult education” – Like community colleges, or like sex schools? I do NOT want to sew there. Huh, senior centers. That seems so brilliant, thanks.

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@kitkat25 beat me to it, I was going to suggest at a store that sells sewing machines. They always seem to offer lessons as well.

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In our town, “adult education” no, not the sex kind courses are offered in the community by people who have skills to share, usually at night at the high school. I’ve taken a sewing class there and learned a few things. :-) Ask your chamber of commerce about that. They were more comprehensive and less expensive than at the fabric store.

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I don’t know where you are from but we have JoAnne Fabrics and they offer a huge variety of sewing classes. Too bad things weren’t like they used to when I was a kid our neighbor got together to teach each other things. People could learn a skill and it wouldn’t cost a thing. I took Fashion Design in High School for 4 years and can do most things even down to creating my own patterns. I bearly use it now other than the occasional sewing project and it would be fun to teach it to someone.

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@niki hi. my former employer enjoys sharing knowledge to develop friendships in her community, aside from the main reason which is, it is unusual for younger people these days to be interested in sewing and she feels she is handing down a skill of high value. One that would keep you from paying $10 to $15 for trimming pants or $50 for sleeve shortening and $800 for wedding dress major alterations. But I digress, sorry.
No she does not charge. She met a woman in a mall who is about to spend that $800 for that wedding dress and offerred to do it for free. She got invited to the wedding. I guess as long as you are determined, willing to commit time to pursue, it would energize her to teach.

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