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I'm in PHP right now. Will a transition to Objective-C be relatively easy, or do you think I should try other languages first?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) April 18th, 2008

I’m planning on quietly developing small apps for the Mac. Recommendations of books are also welcome, if anyone has any? Thanks

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Objective-C is a compiled language, strong typed, then is different to Php in many ways.

Since 2.0 version, Obj-C has its own “garbage-collector” for memory management. I don’t try to develop since 2.0 release so I can’t tell about this auto memory management. I learn Objc-C by myself last summer with Apple Documentation (very useful and complete) , and by buying an Oreill’y book (Cocoa Programming for 10.2). Problem is that there is not an 10.5 book edition at the moment, and you will have to wait for a long time i think.

Here a basic pdf found on ADC,

You can find more by registering for free on ADC website, to download samples or XCode latest version.

What type of app do you want to do with Objective-C ? Cocoa framework is really interesting, you should take a look at it !

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You should think about what type of software you want to code and who your audience is. PHP is better for web apps than Obj-C, but Obj-C is better for other things. If you’re just looking for a new language to learn, C is an important one. :)

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