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Skip ahead in flash games?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) March 26th, 2011

Basically, there is a flash game that unlock some “secret content” stuff, and to get to it you need to move the mouse to catch little green things, and your score goes up. If you hit a red thing, the score goes down.

How can I skip ahead to the score increments\right to when the score is at the maximum? If not, how can I get the pictures/whatever the content is otherwise? I have tried sothink SWF decompiler, but i cant find any scripts pieces/ images or other files. How do I get past this?

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Any javascript scripts would be great.

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This would actually be usefull for a few flash games, if there are any javascript codes that skip ahead the flash game scripting or something like that?

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Dunno, but Flash does not use Javascript, it uses Actionscript. And it could be Actionscript 2 or Actionscript 3. Many flash games are built with AS2. Flash games usually are not all self contained, it’s probably pulling in external files and data in XML or something.

Also if you want to unlock stuff in the game… it and get the points.

Cheating is lame dude.

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It’s just a simple little game, the points you need are outrageous. Based on the progress you need like, 500 points, each thing you catch is one point, each one you miss is -1 point, and the game will go slowly, the go super fast without warning. Horrible design.

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Try cheat engine, search some tutorials for it, and you are ready to go!

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