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Are you a computer perfectionist?

Asked by robdamel (786points) March 26th, 2011

I hate seeing my recycle bin full, I must empty it when I send the first thing to it.

I must keep my desktop clean to remove all the junk shortcuts.

I must keep everything neatly organized in files, not a bunch of things mixed into a single file.

I must have the lowest cpu usage at all times. (Ram as well)

My browser, firefox, must be as clean and small as possible. Small, meaning, taking as little space possible from the top of the screen, so I can maximize the window space.

Anyone else have these computer pet peeves, or perfectionism?

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I don’t think I’ve had anything in my recycle bin for months. I don’t have any tool bars added to the top of firefox, and I have all five of my shortcuts organized in a line at the top left corner of my screen.

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In fact,I have 5310 in my “Activity For You” here on Floooooofy.
I would like to clear that ;)

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I always use shift + delete so nothing ever enters my recycle bin. I hate desktop icons, and usually only have the recycle bin on the desktop. I have everything arranged in folders, so I don’t have to remember where files are – I can work it out on the run. I must not have any unread emails, unless they are totally new to me (I used to be the same with Fluther, but I’m over that). I get very nervous if anyone else uses my computer, and it is a conscious effort to not watch everything they do. I very nearly kick them off if they start hitting the keys heavily like a typewriter. I politely ask people not to touch the screen, as it damages both the crystals and the surface of an LCD.

That’s quite a list. I think I’m really quite anal with computers.

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@lucillelucillelucille At the top of the Activity For You page, check out the new “mark all read” button!

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Not at all and it drives my husband crazy. He’s quite the computer perfectionist. He’ll notice I have 400 emails to open and he doesn’t understand why I don’t delete them. Same for my questions for you here at Fluther. I have 1000 now and it would be simple for me to delete those, but I don’t. I was actually trying to see how high the number would go but it’s been stuck at 1000 for weeks now. I guess there’s a limit now. I know one user that once had over 2000 I believe. I was hoping for a record. I guess that’s not happening now. lol

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I have close to 100 unread mails in the main box, so a lot of what you mention doesn’t bug me as much. My one one pet peeve, and this is an absolute, is the screen, when possible, has to always be full screen. My mom’s computer, when the screen is smaller, is just barely smaller, but whenever I help her (which is all the time) I always yell at her (in a nice way) about maximizing the screen.

One other thing she does that drives me absolutely bonkers is the fact she had a computer and was online since about 1997, and she still has no idea the difference between the URL bar and the search box. She’ll use the URL bar as a search, and while I do realize it works just as well, this drives me nuts, especially after over a decade of trying to get her to do it the right way. That makes your history look weird.

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I don’t even have a Recycle Bin; the icons has been removed and all files I delete are sent straight to oblivion.
I have quite a few icons on my desktop, but only to stuff I use often enough to warrant it; stuff that I don’t use at least once a day gets relocated.
My Inbox only has recent and very important mail in it; old stuff and stuff that isn’t important gets archived.
I don’t clutter my browser with added toolbars; I too like the vertical real estate.
I use small icons in my Start Menu and prefer a hierarchy of sub-menus over one loooong scrolling menu with everything on it.
I don’t worry much about CPU or RAM usage since the only time either gets high is when I am actively doing something that requires those things. I don’t have a lot of extraneous processes running anyways, but worrying about those things is like cruising down the highway at 12 MPH because you don’t like the engine getting louder when you hit the gas pedal.
Unlike a lot (and I mean a LOT) of people, I only use anti-malware programs that have been proven to work as opposed to those with the shiniest interface, slickest marketing, or nothing at all, and I keep those updated religiously.
I don’t do the full-screen thing, preferring to keep my windows big enough to see all of the information, but no bigger. Seeing a blank border between the edge of a web page and the edge of the browser window drives me batshit, as does not having the browser run as high and low as it can go; full vertical, but only “just enough” horizontal. I tend to have multiple windows open and/or need access to stuff on my desktop often enough that full-screen for anything other than reading PDFs or watching videos is bad.
I cannot have a CRT refresh at less than 75Hz. Many CRT owners have it set low enough to give me headaches.
I run my CRT at the highest resolution I can without needing a magnifying glass, and LCDs at their native resolution to avoid “jaggies”. I see many people run their rigs at only 1024×768 on a screen that I would run at at least 1280×960. My 13” laptop runs at 1366×768—(wider than many people have their desktop’s 17–19” monitor while my desktop runs at 1920×1080, the native resolution of the 31” screen I use as a monitor.
@12Oaks I can guess that your mom’s computer has the resolution set way low. As for the URL/Search box thing, I can only guess that you use IE since Firefox and Chrome don’t have that issue. Firefox can omit the search box (and I think it does by default, though I haven’t run a default configuration for too long to remember) while Chrome doesn’t even have one.
And last but not least, if I am on another person’s system (either as a loaner or to repair) and I notice it running Vista, I have to fight the urge to vomit.

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@filmfann If I click on the Activity for You page it comes up as an error:(

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I suffer from that. I actually like being like that. It’s a shame to have a ’‘dirty’’ desktop. I can’t stand having some misplaced files.

Being like that has it’s advantages. I freed 49GB off my external hard drive on March 10th [the day Chuck Norris was born] by just organizing files.

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I’m like that with hardware and specs. When I build a computer, I usually research it for months and I hate it when companies sell “gaming computers” with laptop cards and power supplies that are only about 400 watts.

A personal challenge for me is to see how many monitors I can get hooked up to my computer. I’m currently at 3, and then one next to it that comes from my laptop. So yeah, I guess I’m a computer perfectionist. Or at least a computer eccentric.

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Yep. I see people with no organization on their computer whatsoever, tons of clutter, tons of things that slow down their computer, and they just don’t care. They probably have gigabytes of temporary files taking up space on their computer because they never clean it out, a million updates they never downloaded; it annoys me to the highest extent. My roommate is exactly like that, so sometimes he’ll just give me his laptop and I’ll apply my “OCD” to it and he’ll be grateful in the end. :)

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I clean up my computers periodically, but not obsessively. I switched from Firefox to Chrome because of all the added toolbars that kept adding themselves as a default. But I love that the URL bar will also do searches. It is a big improvement.

I can’t stand having unread emails. I don’t mind deleting mail that is unread, but it makes me crazy when it is still unopened in my inbox. If I don’t have time to read it now, when will I? One of my coworkers has tens of thousands of unread emails, mostly system updates and status changes. He doesn;t throw any emails away, because “you never know when you’ll need it.” My response is, “if you haven’t read it, you have no idea if it is worth saving.”

I hate when the applications at work only work with IE. I hate IE.

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A few days ago I disabled a lot of background services from starting to free up memory.

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I’m a bit of a slob.

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I’m an organizer by nature. It makes me crazy to not have things filed and organized.

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I am very much so. My wife is the polar opposite. We are the Felix and Oscar of computers.

Organized neat freak me.
Disorganized sloberoonee her.

We’re like this in real life too. If only my house had separate log-ons and user accounts.

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