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Why does my girlfriend heat up so much (her body) through the night?

Asked by Jude (32101points) March 26th, 2011

Mind out of the gutter, folks.

When we sleep together, it doesn’t matter how cold the room is, nor how thin the blanket is, if we sleep pressed up against each other, we both wake up sweating. Sweat trickling down our back and front kinda sweat.

I usually have to move away from her because I overheat.

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Its because your under a blanket. Your body gives off heat. There are now two bodies under said blanket. After a couple hours that heat builds up. Your body is more than likely pretty hot too but you cant tell since well its yours.

I have a similar problem in my room with spooning. Im in an unfinished basement so its really friggin cold every night but by like 3am im sweating half to death from cuddlin with my girl.

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Happens with us too. Often end up throwing the covers and/or PJs off in the middle of the night.

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Does this possibly happen more at certain times of the month? Fluctuating estrogen levels affects the area of the brain that regulates body temperature.

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Sleeping up against another person, especially under a blanket, usually does feel pretty hot. That’s the reason you see mountain climbers huddled together in movies. Two or more bodies pressed together combine the body heat and make you feel hotter than usual.

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Are you using cotton bedcovers or synthetic ones? Since we got one of those supersoft blankets from Costco I’ve notices that both of us sweat at night. It doesn’t happen nearly as often once we take that blanket off the bed and use only a cotton sheet and quilt.

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My fiance is like that. His body is always really hot. Always hotter than my body tends to stay, even if he doesn’t have a blanket over him at all. I know our bodies give off heat but wow, he’s steamy! :) I guess it’s just the individual…maybe something to do with hormones or just different bodies.

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@reba I think that’s probably it. But, I have slept with other women and it was never this bad. When talking to my girlfriend, she said that even her past partners complained about it.

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Some people’s bodies just throw off a lot of heat in the night.

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@Jude I have the same affliction. I think it just affects some women more than others. I empathize with you both. And so do the very few people I have slept with.

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Everyone’s different, she just sounds like she’s warmer than others. I kind of like the feel of a little sweat between us.

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If she hasn’t hit perimenopause yet, then it will get even worse when she does.

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Blood pressure maybe. My fiancée has high blood pressure and often has night sweats to where we wake up all sweaty. Even awake, we can be lying on top of the bed watching tv and I can tell right away when his blood pressure is spiking because he absolutely radiates heat to where even not touching, I feel the humidity on my skin. Alcohol at night makes it worse.

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I was going to ask if she could be pre menopausal. I developed night sweats as I aged. (No offense if you are still spring chickens!)

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If she suffers from depression, her body could have trouble with temperature regulation in non-REM sleep. This problem is magnified if she is overweight. There are also neuro-regulators that can cause a hypocretin deficiency which creates problems with sleep (narcoleptic) which can also cause problems with heat regulation and is again magnified if overweight.

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@cazzie: That sounds like my wife to a T. We’ll have to look into that.

‘Cuz lemme tell ya…my woman is a flippin’ radiator. So I understand what you’re saying @Jude.

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My dog does this lol, now I have her sleep outside the blanket.

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Its hormones , plan and simple women usually 38 – 50 menopause signs…trust im young and healthy but 10 days a month i wake up 3 x s a night to change my pjs it sucks all they say its hormones here some more take them 30/60 youll be better…hahaha ..just deal with it or there are some natural rememdies you can try they seem to help

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