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I just introduced my daughters to real butter croissant from a new patisserie in town, and they raved about them. Which of life's pleasures have you introduced to someone recently?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32192points) March 26th, 2011

Have you taught someone to play a card game? Have you given someone an exotic fruit for the first time? Have you loaned someone your favorite book knowing they’ll fall head over heels in love with it just like you are?

What have you shared recently with someone for the first time?

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Pho Ga… which I am eating right now on a dreary day after working outside all morning. yum.

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Jacques Torres chocolate. One of his little factories/shops is the next neighbourhood over. I always get a kick out of taking people there, especially if the only chocolate they’ve ever had is the Mars/Hershey kind.

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Not recently but a while back.
Pulled a friend of mine who was a self confessed right wing extremist, which he only was because of his bad relationship with his non-german stepfather, to the opposite side.
And he likes classical music now.

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Just today, I showed my mother in law how I make smoothies, after she said she’d tried and failed yesterday. I’m pleased to say my smoothies are yummalicious and even my father in law (a kind of gruff, antisocial, Wille Nelson look alike) liked them.

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I introduced hummus to my SO. He now makes it.

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I oven baked chicken pieces in BBQ sauce, really slow. The fat cooks/drains off, the meat near falls off the bones and the outside gets caramelized. My fiancée has never had BBQ chicken except on an outside grill.

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Wading in the ocean to 22 month old Jake.

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@aprilsimnel : O.K. I’m sold. You can send me some of that chocolate. :)

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I have at one time or another drawn or painted with all of my nieces or nephews…but when Vunessuh comes to visit this summer,I will show her how to pit fire pottery.
Art rocks :)

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Teaching my friend how to play RISK. And having him avenge me after I lost XD

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Handcuffs to the wife… him Danno :¬)

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WD-40 to my nephew. He went around the house and sprayed all of the squeaky hinges. Is it just me? I love the smell of that stuff.

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I always get a lot of satisfaction out of talking to other Black women about being “natural,” especially when they say they want to transition! I feel like it’s one less brainwashed person out there.

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I made some home made spicy curried butternut squash soup for my new neighbor and she raved about it. She was feeling a little lonely because her husband had to go out of town for work for a week, even though they just moved in. When her husband got home, I made a big batch of oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, dried cherries and walnuts for both of them.

I love to cook and try out new recipes on un-suspecting people.

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I took my daughter, 5, to her first political debate today. Primary for mayor. However small time it was, it wasn’t without it’s share of controversy, showmanship, publicity stunts, and all what that circus that we call politics seems to be at times.

Stuff like this is a pleasure to me, anyway, and I hope my kid will someday take an active role herself.

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Eric Whitacre’s music. I introduce it to anyone who will listen!

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popovers! everyone here loves em

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ready to go to @Kardamom‘s house for some spicy butternut squash soup and oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts and dried cherry cookies!

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Brownies with bacon in them! I met up with a girlfriend for coffee this afternoon and got a T-Rex brownie to go with my cappuccino. I asked the barista, “What’s so t-rex about it?” and he leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, “there’s bacon in there.” They’re sweet, salty, fatty, and uniquely delicious. Bacon with chocolate is our new go-to comfort food.

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Wow! @Theory I am a vegetarian, but those brownies sound good. I think I may have to try out a brownie recipe and add Morningstar Farms fake bacon to it. Yum!

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@Kardamom: will you be my neighbor?
@Theory: bacon and chocolate always sounds so good to me, because I love them both so much, but I loathe chocolate covered bacon. I don’t know why!

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