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How can I flush the trace of drugs out of my system before a drug test?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 26th, 2011

I made the small mistake of smoking marijuana with a few friends last weekend. I normally don’t do this, but I figured it wouldn’t be a very big deal since it was just a few puffs. Now I am being forced to take a drug test when I get back home from spring break. I was not aware that I would be subject to drug testing when I took my job as an opera singer. Is there anything I can do to flush the trace of drugs out of my system? Are there any tricks that I can use to pass? Drugs don’t leave my system very quickly and I know it will be present in the results. (It will either be a urine or saliva drug test.)

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I always heard of drinking a jar of pickle juice. I don’t know if it works.

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I’ve heard a few different theories. One is simply that if you drink whole lots of water (on the order of a gallon) your urine comes back from all the tests as inconclusive and you just keep having inconclusive tests until eventually your test comes back negative.

When my brother was going into the army, his recruiter recommended to him that he eat sure-jell to absorb the metabolites of THC. My brother passed his check, so it may well work. It’s also possible he’d need something stronger than pot in his system for the army not to take him.

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Take a urine test. I think you’ll be okay, I understand (I could be wrong) that urine tests clean after about 72 hours.

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@zenvelo I don’t believe that is true. I’ve had a drug test before (when I was younger) and I smoked a lot of marijuana. When I was tested a few weeks later it still showed up.

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Not a whole heck of a lot you can do. However, you would probably do well to drink tons of water between now and then to flush out your system and make your urine as dilute as possible when it comes time for the test.

Hey, if it turns up positive you can always claim second hand smoke from a party or concert you went to during spring break and hope they buy the story.

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Drink lots of water and cranberry juice.

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So, if you smoke regularly, then it stays in your system a while – up to 30 days. But if you’re not currently a big smoker – say, if this is the first toke in 6 months – then it’ll be out of your system within 72 hours. You can buy an at home drug test at the supermarket, and see if you show up with THC in your urine. If you do, then I’d suggest getting some fake pee at a head shop.

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if you really don’t smoke much at all, and you have the week to get straight you should be fine. it really does leave your system in a few days if you truly don’t smoke often (once a month). if you smoke a lot it takes much longer (month(s))
for extra precaution:
1) don’t smoke more
2) drink plenty of water/cranberry
3) exercise
4) eat plenty 2 hours before the test so you aren’t burning fat.

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Removed by myself

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You can’t.

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I think tests are so accurate today that I would not count on something not showing up. Also, if the tester has a brain they will watch you urinate. Marijuana generally stays in your system for 30 days. I think there’s tea that you can use that may or may not work, but it’s like $30.

i don’t do drugs at all, but i used to work with substance abusing parents so I have heard it all.

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Some smoke shops sell this drink that supposedly works. I don’t remember what it’s called. But like @jca says, it’s expensive, $20–30 a pop. And you have to drink it like an hour before or something.

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@jca I think they only watch you if they’re doing it because they suspect something – not for a routine test.

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Depending on how much you water and fluids you drink, the drinks generally work pretty well at getting the drugs and toxins such as marijuana, but there are ways to do it on your own using the dilution method. There are multiple internet resources on affordable methods. I think if you search your favorite search engine (ie: Google, Yahoo, AOL) for “Marijuana Drug Test” you should find a couple of it yourself guides.
Some labs keep hair for redundancy, however, it is only tested if there is any question on the urine sample…
Good luck!

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There’s not much point in inducing diuresis (copious urine production) until the day of the test, when diluting the urine dilutes the drug level somewhat. Until then the highly lipid-soluble THC is slowly released by body fat at a rate not dependent on kidney function.

Our local Walgreen’s sells at-home urine test kits for under $20, claiming the same sensitivity (50 nanogram threshold, I think) as the “official” cannabinoid lab tests. A little bit of, uh, clinical field research by family members (one-time, not chronic, marijuana use) backs up @zenvelo‘s 72-hour figure. Give or take, depending on numerous unpredictable factors. This is in stark contrast to 3 weeks, a commonly cited safe interval, apparently VERY conservative.

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Does your job depend on it?

Please post an update, if you wish, as to what happens!

The Update Lady

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Can’t be done. Your liver needs time.

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