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Tips for speeches?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) March 26th, 2011

I’m going to be presenting my speech in two days. It is about saving biological diversity. This is a big project, so I want to impress my teachers. Any tips for speaking or organization?

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Practice your speech in front of a mirror so you know how you sound.

Learn it well so you don’t stumble.

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Believe in the topic, know the subject, and practice your speech in front of someone that can provide constructive feedback on what you do well and what needs improvement. Don’t worry too much about being nervous…it’s a sign that you care about performing well and want to make an impact.

Most people feel very nervous in the first few minutes of their presentation. It goes away as soon as the speaker gets passionate about discussing their topic.

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Tell ‘em what you’re gonna say.
Say it.
Tell ‘em what you just said.

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Don’t memorize your speech. Learn the speech, and then kinda sorta present off the cuff. Keep your eyes moving.

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Tips like @aprilsimnel‘s are confusing to noobie writers. How about this:
Introduction – is like the picture on a box of cake mix (glimpse of what you are talking about)
Body – is like describing the individual ingredients (supporting facts)
Results – is like baking the cake (what the fact mean)
Conclusion – is like the actual cake (here is what you have)

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Shout through an open window.

Not kidding.

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If you intend to use any props, visuals, make sure you check the equipment first. Make eye contact with people and not the same person. If you get stressed, stop for a moment, breath, and then carry on.

Also, keep in mind that your fear is about your ego. All you can do is know your material and have chosen appropriate material for the task, have considered the best way to present it and how to present yourself. If they hate you…so be it (but they won’t). So be confident (even if you don’t feel it).

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Imagining the audience in its collective underpants has not proven to be especially helpful.
Use note cards (if they’ll let you) to keep track of your talking points.

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It helps if you can make a direct connection to the audience with your speech. For biological diversity, that might mean showing its importance at a local level.

You could start your speech off with a joke or anecdote related to the material, which will grab the attention of whoever is listening.

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dnt mmbl lk ths bcse nbd nws wht yr syng…
Also, don’t constantly look down at a paper. Make sure you look up at everyone.

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Learn about your audience. Wear something that mirrors their attire or is a slight step above and it something that you are comfortable wearing.

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Try practicing in front of a mirror, you’ll usually get an idea of how you want the speech to flow. From there, decide where you want to put the most emphasis, change your tone, or adjust volume. Make sure you project your voice in general, though. Oh, and be confident.

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