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What is this sore red bump on my eyelash line?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) March 26th, 2011

I have had this numerous time before, and it sucks. It’s a raised red bump on my upper lid eyelash line that hurts at the touch. Is there a doctor in the house? Do I have eyelid herpes?

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It sounds like you have a stye, I have had them before its kind of a zit or acne in the eye. Put warm compresses on it and it should bring what is in there to a head and draw it out. If that doesn’t work and it gets worse your doctor can prescribe you a stye medication, I have had them inside the lid where my whole eye got swollen before and needed the medication to get ride of it but it may just minor for you. Its really nothing too too serious.

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Why would one get them repeatedly?

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Are you around anything that is dusty or been in a windy area where particles can get in your eyes? Its usually how they get there.

I got them more when I was younger and played outside alot

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I had this for the first time last October. Here was my question. Stye (hordeolum) was the right answer, and the lancing and soaks were the right treatment.

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Yeah, that’s a stye. They suck a lot (I’d add cuss words were this not general to show how much they suck). Soak it like @creative1 said.

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I’ve heard of people getting them from sharing makeup (like teenagers do), but I’m assuming that if you wear makeup, you probably have your own. Could you maybe have gotten makeup in your eye?

Eye hurties suck, big time. Hope you feel better soon.

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@ladymia69 I get them when my immune system isn’t functioning well. They suck! You can get stye ointment at the drugstore. Put lots on before you go to sleep. You can also buy Similasan stye eye drops.

If I use both the ointment & the drops, my stye is usually gone within 48hrs.

Throw out your mascara & get a new one while you’re at it.

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Come to think of it, I did put on mascara a couple of days ago, which is wildly unusual for me. I will soak my poor tender eyelid. Thanks, everybody!

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Even if you aren’t sharing makeup, bacteria can build up in the makeup that you have if you keep it too long. That can lead to infections along the lash line, or even in the eye itself. I agree with those above that suspect it is a stye. They hurt, warm compress is a good plan.

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Was the mascara quite old? It could need throwing out? Also, as @SpatzieLover said, my first thought was your immune system might be a bit run down.

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I usually get them when I am tired and had lots of late nights

Try a lukewarm teabag it really draws out the stye and soothes it too! It always works for me.

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