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Do you think after a certain age you should have to take a drivers test again?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) April 18th, 2008

I think so

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That is common practice in many places. Mine for example expires when I turn 70 – and that’s a Danish license.

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Fuck, yes. And the age should be 17.

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I believe you do. I know my grandfather (80+) has numerous times. And passed every one of them. But I like chaosrob’s answer. I think some of the worst drivers are in between the ages of “just barely got my license” and 35.

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Not sure how this works on yer side of the pond, but over here male drivers up to age 25 are hit with the highest insurance premium…..since they statistically are the most likely to cause accidents.

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maybe but not until you turn 60 or something.

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I think you should have to take one every five or ten years after you turn 60.

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I think anyone with 2 or more points (infractions) in 18 months should have to re-test, regardless of age.

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I don’t think exactly after a certain age. Also it shoiyld be more of a rental test u take every 15 yrs cuz ppl sure forget. I see Many horrible drivers. I’m not sure if they ever were good but they could sure use the test again.

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