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For those who watch Saturday Night Live: What are some of the most memorable skits on SNL?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 26th, 2011

Since I moved to America, I’ve been hooked on Saturday Night Live. It’s the only show that I actually sit down and watch. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but what skits/episodes have been most memorable to you?

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@Randy Oh my gosh! Yes!

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bass-o-matic. It’s old with Dan Akroyd

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king tut!! (steve martin) the really old ones are the best.

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Cowbell! I want more cowbell! With Will Ferrel as the cowbell musician and Christopher Walken as music producer. And it’s hard to beat Chris Farley when he played that student counselor of sorts?

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This is one of my all time favorites link
@Randy thats a great on too. was just on VH1 this afternoon.

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This used to crack me up.
I like the cowbell skit too :)

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One of my favorite things from this year is this

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Many of my favs already mentioned, so I will add Eddie Murphy doing the poem “Kill My Landlord”, and John Belushi doing Samurai Delicatessin.

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Cowbell! was my immediate thought, second was Justin Timberlake & Beyonce, but someone beat me on both of them.

I liked the songs Adam Sandler made up – Lunchlady Land, Red Hooded Sweatshirt, The Hanukkah Song, etc.

Church Lady

I almost forgot!! Eddie Murphy doing “Buckwheat’s Greatest Hits”

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The Sinatra Group, with Phil “the proof that Canadians rule” Hartman as Frang Snotra, and Sting as Billy Idol.

Here’s a better clip, but you might have to disable your ad-blocking to play it.

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I watched SNL pretty religiously for a while, it was a family event every week because the cast was brilliant. There are a lot of really funny characters and skits that stick with me..

Any Drunk Girl clip. Here is another good one.
Gap Girls
Celebrity Jeopardy
Delta Delta Delta

There was a sketch called “Wake Up Wakefield” on this episode, hosted by Jennifer Garner. Oh man, this sketch had me rolling for days.

I second Dana Carvey’s Church Lady.

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Molly Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallagher – my daughter totally reminds me of her. SUPERSTAR

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^^ OMG YES! How could I forget??

I thought of some more.. the Coneheads, Wayne’s World, The Ladies’ Man, Land Shark, David Allan Grier as Maya Angelou, and Matt Foley, motivational speaker. Haha.

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I can’t remember the name of the skit, but I believe it had Julianna Margulies and Will Ferrell. It was the family that fed each other like birds,. Does anyone remember that one? I can’t find the clip anywhere.

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@jonsblond – Hahaha.. that was so gross. Here you go.

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Okay, here’s my WTF moment of the week:

I was looking for the SNL bit where Phil Hartman, doing Sinatra, says something like: I got chunks of guys like you in my stool.
So, I put that in the YouTube search, and the fourth listing down is George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass.

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@MissAnthrope Thank you! I love you :)

Yeah, there’s no way I could let them spit food in my mouth. Too funny though!

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Did anyone already link to Dan Ackroyd doing his Julia Child impression?

If not, here

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Richard Pryor taking a word association test
Eddie Murphy imitating Stevie Wonder.
Eddie Murphy as Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood

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@zenvelo I remember reading that Fred Rogers thought Eddie Murphy’s impression of him was really funny.

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Honestly, I am a big Wiig fan. Publisher’s clearing house, sue (the girl that gets overexcited about secrets, Trrrrrget lady, she is sooo funny
So is Keenan and Samberg. I can’t pick a favorite scene though!

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I really liked Point-Counterpoint with Joan Face. And the Frog and Peach one with Peter Cook. And the one where Garret Morris sang “I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whiteys I see.” And where Chevy Chase calls Richard Pryor a nigger. Also Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute.

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@KatetheGreat Yes! Stefon’s weekend updates are hilarious! And you can tell Bill Hader is cracking up the whole time.

Natalie Portman Rap gets my vote. (uncensored.)

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@Theory I absolutely love Stefon :) And the clip that I linked above actually played tonight!

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@KatetheGreat Okaayy…as per Stefon’s recommendation, let’s meet up at BOOOOOOOOOZ then-! ( did I get the number of O’s right? )

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@mazingerz88 I think it’s called BOOOOOOOOOF! Hahahaha. Or we can go to HASDFALFGIAHDGFJAHSDFLKGJOOOOMUAH.

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@dxs I really enjoy Wiig too. Especially in the Lawrence Welk skits.

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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon in the Barry Gibb Talk Show sketch
Justin Timberlake in the Omeletteville sketch
Chris Rock as Nat X

Eddie Murphy as James Brown as Little Orphan Annie and James Brown’s Celebrity Hot tub, and Buckwheat, and (among many, MANY others. He single-handedly rescued that show in the early ‘80s. He was the king.)

Martin Short and Harry Shearer’s “Synchronized Swimming” sketch
Adam Sandler & Chris Farley’s Schmitt’s gay beer commercial

and Dick in a Box, of course. Classic.

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The Tina Fey/Sarah Palin bits were as funny as anything ever on SNL.

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-Christopher Walken

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I totally forgot about the laurence welk ones!!!
Those are hilarius, too.
“with my husband…with my boyfriend…with my fiance….with my by myself” haha and im judice.

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@jonsblond OMG YES! Lawrence Welk is hilarious!

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All the Deep Thoughts are pretty hillarious

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“As I bit into the nectarine, it had a crisp juiciness about it that was very pleasurable – until I realized it wasn’t a nectarine at all, but A HUMAN HEAD!!”

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This comes to mind.


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The Barry Gibb Talk Show was hilarious! I love it.

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Haha! gotta love andy samberg. He always does the more “questionable” sketches.
0:30–0:40 and 1:51 his facial expressions are soo funny.

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Any skits with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg

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