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What video game would you like to see being made into a movie?

Asked by Berserker (33529points) March 26th, 2011

A lot of us gamers are aware that game based movies generally don’t do too well. Regardless of the profits made, plenty of fans gripe about the movie, usually because it isn’t faithful to the game, or is something else entirely. Some are respectable. Like Mortal Kombat. I mean, at least it tried, and it’s still fun to watch. (the first one anyways) But stuff like Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter or Resident Evil…damn, man. I did like Silent Hill a lot…still, I didn’t ask this to voice my opinions about what’s good or not. (but if you wanna do that, it’s fine, but answer the question, too)
So, what video game that hasn’t been made into a movie you think SHOULD be made into one?

Personally, I think that Parasite Eve would make an excellent movie. The game is quite unique with its content, I don’t see too many games like this. Thing is it plays more like a movie than a game, I mean with how the story is presented and what it is. The dungeons are also a part of something that’s relevant to what goes on in the game, instead of just being there under the pretext that because it’s an RPG, it needs dungeons. I think it would work damn fine as a movie, and considering the large fanbase, I’m actually surprised it isn’t a movie. (probably because SquareEnix, known as Squaresoft in the past, was too busy milking their damn Final Fantasy franchise.) it’s a pretty short game, but it tells a damn interesting story. I think maybe legal rights issues may, or might have, prevented this from going to the silver screen because the game is actually a sequel to a Japanese novel.
Er but anyways. What game do you think should be made into a movie, and why?

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Silent Hill was already done, and that is the only one that I always thought would make a great movie. Movie could have gone a little more toward the twisted and gory, but, it was okay.

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Borderlands would make an interesting movie.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Yeah, I agree it should have tried to rape the brain a bit more, but I was happy that they used a formula that worked good enough to cater to the game’s actual storyline.

@Russell_D_SpacePoet I’ve seen a bit of it, but am not familiar with the story. Does seem like an interesting game…I suck at shooters though, and couldn’t get anywhere. XD

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Street Fighter!..... Oh…. Wait…. =(

No, but really, the Fallout series could be pretty cool. Of course, there’s a lot of room to screw that one up. Or maybe one of the Zelda games. I agree with @Russell_D_SpacePoet also. Borderlands could be cool. The only problem I foresee with it would be backstory. If I’ve learned anything about gaming movies, it’s that you NEVER give a writer or director free room to make up part of the story.

For the record, I was/am a fan of the Super Mario Bro. movie.

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I have very little patience for video game movies. They are so consistently bad that when I hear about a new one, I’m actually pre-disappointed. Of course, the Doom movie was the last straw for me. As Doom is my favorite video game ever, the fact that it’s simplest of all story lines was turned into Zombie Mutation Virus on Mars: The Movie still makes me skeptical that a movie based on a game could ever be good. For some reason, the story just can’t make it through the transition. It always changes in the most pointless ways. Silent Hill is a perfect example; it came the closest to being a good movie as I’ve ever seen in that genre, but it failed because of unnecessary changes to the story.

Okay, enough of that.
If there is any video game movie that I will ever like, it will probably be a science fiction one, as I tend to be fascinated by anything science fiction even if it’s bad. I am most intrigued by the prospects of a Mass Effect movie. Apparently, Legendary Pictures owns the movie rights, which could go either way, I think. If done right, they could probably get a decent series of movies out of it.

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@Talimze Yeah…I’m not entirely sure what the hell Pyramid Head was doing in Silent Hill, other than that fans woulda bitched if he wasn’t there. That includes me, too. XD But I did think it did a damn fine job of keeping true to the story, or at least, following that concept. I figured they just changed it enough so that it could work in film form, which I don’t think Uwe Boll knows much about, ya know?

Mass Effect, I hear those are good. Not too familiar with them, but you bring up a good point, and one I agree with; why can’t game movies ever stick to the story the fucking game HAD. I’ll hope for you that, if they make a ME movie they don’t mess that up. (they better not mess up PE either, and ain’t a soul gonna fool me when it comes to that game)
And yeah that Doom movie was balls to the end.

If you like bad science fiction shit, you should prolly check out MST3000, if you haven’t already.

@Randy Well yeah, it wasn’t BORING. It’s got problems though, in my opinion. Why isn’t Bowser a fucking dragon lol?

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Ooh, God of War…...Red Dead Redemption…..Destroy All Humans…..Jak & Daxter…..Ratchet & Clank…....Unreal Tournament…....Gears of War…....I could go on, but I can’t be bothered.

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Alternate Reality
Spelunker could make a good kids movie
I would donate money for a Grim Fandango movie.
I’m a little surprised that Zork never made it to the silver screen.

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I’ve never been a huge fan of video game movies, but I’ll admit that I was super excited to see Silent Hill, and I was only a little disappointed. I would have liked to see it a little more creepy, and maybe starring a father rather than a mother like in the first game (but I guess a scared, dirty, wet woman is more appealing?). I agree that Pyramid Head’s appearance was really random and unnecessary, but I know I’d have been pissed if I hadn’t gotten at least a glimpse of him.

I can see Parasite Eve making a good movie. I never actually finished the game, but the premise was cool and it’s sciencey enough to bring in other viewers who know nothing about the game.

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Fallout would be cool

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@Symbeline I could talk a lot about all the things I don’t like about the Silent Hill movie. Even though I’m not really a big fan of the games, I thought that it had the most potential to make a good movie, especially seeing how well they captured the atmosphere. But, since it’s a video game movie, it had to go through unnecessary changes, such as changing Harry Mason to a women (rendering the character of Cybil Bennett pointless) and making Dahlia Gillespie a good guy. It’s really frustrating.

Anyway, I’m not particularly optimistic about a good video game movie in the future. However, there might be one that I like, because I do tend to enjoy bad movies if they’re at least entertaining. And yes, I’m a big fan of MST3k.

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The Infocom games like Zork, Infidel, Enchanter, and others were text adventures, and had wonderful stories woven into them.
I played a futuristic detective game about 15 years ago, that had cinema quality story and clips. It was called Under A Killing Moon, and I would enjoy seeing that.

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I think that Metal Gear Solid might make a solid base for a movie. I mean, it was part of a great spoof but the cutscenes from the games themselves make a decent story. (Okay, #2 not so much, but 1 was decent and 3 was great from a plot/story viewpoint.)

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Fallout, and I’d want Quentin Tarentino to direct it Y’know, ‘cause he loves dialogue and Fallout is about 85% talking

I’d love to see them do a God of War movie, with crazy unnecessary slo-mo and stylized blood like in 300.

Oh, and a good ol’ Professor Layton movie.

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A Carmegeddon movie would be spiffy, too.

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Pocket Fighter.

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@Seelix and @Talimze Yeah I was wondering myself why they had to change the protagonist in Silent Hill to a woman. After reading some interviews and stuff, Gans said that he felt that Harry, in the game, acted a lot more like a mother than a father would. I’m not entirely sure I understand though, he said Harry was male by looks only. Mother or father, if they love their kid they would try to help them. I assume. Why is it a motherly role only? :/
And it did seem to mock Cybil a lot too, since her only role in the movie was I’m SO gonna bone you.

Oh and Talimze if you like bad movies, maybe you should check out… You can’t watch the movies, but it’s still a fine repertoire of crap movies with awesome reviews lol.

@jerv Yeah, lotsa fans would love a movie. The stories in the games are a complete mindfuck to me, but apparently, the plots are really good, although most people seem to dislike number 2. Still if they made movies from that, I’d watch em.

And hell yeah for a Carmegeddon game. Couldn’t be any more retarded than Maximum Overdrive. :D

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Bioshock. Pretty sure this was in the works, but got canceled because the financiers wanted to keep it PG-13 for god knows what reason.

Myst or Riven. Because fuck yeah.

FALLOUT 3 or even anything that movie-tized the Fallout story. That would be gnarly.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a hardcore, gritty, dark live-action Pokemon movie, either.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard A gritty Pokemon would rock, the entire game is about making animals fight each other anyways..

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The Legend of Zelda – this would be freakin’ ultimate.
Red Dead Redemption
Another for Bioshock

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That was the best use of an “I choose you.” I have EVER heard.

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I wonder why the Zelda games haven’t been made into movies. That’s one I’ve always wanted to see. Silent Hill was ok.

Gabriel Knight 1 and Shadowrun for SNES.

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@AshlynM because they didn’t want to disappoint the Zelda fan base. It would cost TONS of money to do it the right way. . . Look at the live action Mario movie. I’m pretty sure many of the people involved in that one regret it.

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