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What do you think Dark Matter really is-?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18976points) March 27th, 2011

American scientists have constructed an underground structure somewhere in Antarctica(?) just to catch a particle that proves it penetrates everything that exists. They say Dark Matter makes up most of the universe but is only now being studied.

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Yeah, the LArge Hadron Colider.

Dark matter makes up 95 percent of everything. We know it exists because it has mass and has gravity, but we can’t provide a visual of it or show you where it is.

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But, the Large Hardon Collider is in Switzerland.

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@ragingloli Well I know that they are both being used for this kind of research. The answer is still valid.

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”...the Large Hardon Collider is in Switzerland.”

There’s a Large Hardon colliding with the zipper in me pants. ;-)

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@Brian1946 LOL

Stop talking like that, or I might shoot a particle beam

LOL I couldn’t resist that one

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You’re all wrong: It’s being built in the hills of South Dakota and it’s a LUX not a LHC.

it’s not expected to make up ‘most of the universe’ but only quarter of it… sheesh… what are you reading?

and grow up for physics sake

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@XOIIO yes exactly that’s it thanks. The Washington Post had a diagram of the spheres placed underground that are supposed to catch those neutrinos. It was a fascinating read.
I can’t help thinking what if they caught enough dark matter only to form into Darth Vader. Lightsaber on-!

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Douglas Adams was of the opinion that it was packing peanuts. Specifically, the packing peanuts used to cushion dark-matter-sensing machines.

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Oh… did you mean ‘Dark Energy’? Because that’s different and it’s all wonderfully theoretical and when you include that.. it changes the numbers, I guess,depending on what camp of thought you’re in.

The measuring of neutrinos you’re talking about in the Antarctic is (excuse the pun) the tip of the iceberg. Exciting stuff.

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I think it’ll turn out to be a rounding error somewhere, or someone forgetting to carry the 1.

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Nobody knows. There are theories that dark matter is weakly interactive massive particles (WIMPS) or neutrinos.

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The weird thing about “dark matter” is that if you prove that it exists then it would cease to be dark matter. Dark matter would then be “A matter of fact”.

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Umm I read the question and they asked what we think it us…so i can say what I think it is and not what it really is right?

Well then to me space is a swimming pool and the planets and stars are pool patrons…dark matter is the pool water, and radiation is urine in the pool…think about it

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“Dark matter” is a catch-all term for any unobservable with a function that is largely unknown to empirical science.

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Dark matter is what makes up 80 percent of the matter of the universe. We know it exists because of gravitational effects on visible matter and background radiation.

But we can not see it and we do not know what it is, and that is why it is named “dark matter”.

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If there wasn’t dark matter would the universe be white?

(sorry I couldn’t resist saying that)

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@Nullo you think its a long walk down the street to your chemist, but for space thats just peanuts. :P

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I have to admit I am in the dark about what Dark Matter is. And yet I know it does matter. Our Universe wouldn’t behave as it is doing if the observable matter and energy were all there is in it. So either there is dark matter and dark energy which both defy all current means of observation, or the astrophysicists who subscribe to the Standard Model are in the dark about how our Universe really works and dark matter is just a fudge factor to make them look bright.

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It is supposed to make up most of the universe. Isnt it also something to do with how the expansion of the universe is speeding up.

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@Barbs20 Dark Matter would only contribute to acceleration if it exerts mass repulsioon on visible matter. And for it to account for how space-time is expanding, it would need to inhabit open space bewteen galaxies, but not be found within galaxies or nebulae, as they are not expanding relative to themselves. Alternatively, dark energy may help account for the accelerating expansion of space-time.

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