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How do you quickly calm yourself at that instant moment of stress?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25884points) March 27th, 2011

Through the years I have developed several ways of calming myself down, ranging between having a general feeling of gratitude for just being alive and going to the movies but I’m interested in learning if there’s a faster approach.

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This works well.
Challenging someone to a duel also works for me ;)

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I sit and breathe deeply (in through my nose, and then out through my nose). I breathe into my belly.

@lucillelucillelucille. Jinx. I read your link after I posted.

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I sing gospel songs to myself.

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Slow, deep breathing, finding that inner core of peace and calm, and an intense focus on what to do next.

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I find a good hard workout gets out stress

Ever punch a punching bag, or go for a run when your really upset. You can really sort thru things when your upset and think clearly after

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I agree, but I was under the impression that this was to be how you seek immediate calm, otherwise I would have talked about running, working out, or riding my motorcycle. : )

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Deep breathing gets me no where with stress I need to physically get it out and this is the quickest way for me.

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Positive thinking/outlook pure & simple for me. I guess I was born that way.

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Chain smoking. Sometimes.

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This has worked for me for many years:

After a car pursuit for many miles and at dangerous speeds, I discovered that if I counted to 20 before leaving my police vehicle, that I had far less stress to display to the stopped traffic violator and less strain on my heart. This worked 80% of the time. The other 20% jumped out and ran.

I was always ready to take action, if necessary.

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There’s some kind of metamorphous activity goes on , people say I turn green?? I can’t remember a thing myself :-/

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I also use the diaphragmatic breathing.

If that doesn’t work, I juggle Milo and his two friends, Teddy and Max.

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I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths when I need to calm down.

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Think about something funny. And laugh. Loosens me up and seriously gets me to relax. :)

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I think about something pleasant that has happened recently and breathe deeply…

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check this out. acupressure techniques. it looks goofy but really works.

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Baking, oil painting, silversmithing aren’t quick but work well for me.

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figure four leg lock works every time for me.

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I’m usually good when others panic. My emotions seem gone and I deal. It’s the daily crap that gets me down. I try to lose myself in books or movies.

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I use this breathing technique that I learned from a book. It is used by actors for one example trying to calm stage fright. For me, it really works. You take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for 3 seconds and then exhale slowly, pushing out your breath through slightly parted lips. Exhale as completely as you can before taking in another breath through your nose and repeating. I find that after doing this even just 3 or 4 times I will breathe out and feel this release of tension. It comes out like this wavery long sigh as you exhale. After that happens you feel better and more relaxed. It has helped me in times of stress such as before public speaking and during the New York City blackout a few years ago. Even everyday garden variety stress.

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I personally shut down. I half close my eyes and stare at something far away (like if you look straight at the wall, focus your eyes as if you could see something through the wall far away…should make everything blurry, which for me clears my mind of distractions in the room) then I breathe calmly and I shut my brain off…I know it might not sound good, but it can create a very zen atmosphere for you…

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I Don’t keep all my worries and stress bottled up inside. You will find much relief in ‘getting it off your chest.’ Discuss it with a sympathetic friend whom you respect and who may be able to help or advise. You naturally don’t want to be, and shouldn’t be, a complainer or whiner about troubles real or imagined. But you do not become that by confiding in a trusted friend. (Prov. 18:24)
Beyond just emotional relief, you may get a new view of your problems, benefiting from the practical suggestions of an experienced person. Many have been helped with stress by pouring out their feelings to God, who hears the entreating cries and prayers of distressed ones. ( 2 Chron. 6:19)

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If I have time, I read posts from They’re usually funny, and sometimes make me feel glad I’m not as badly off as some of the people on there.

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@Mariah Yes! I always read that on my iphone before I go to bed :) Great way to end the day. ;)

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I run through lines from any play I’m in.

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I agree with a few other users, I close my eyes and count long breaths and try to clear my mind.

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