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Anyone remember a mid-nineties tv show called "Beauty and the Beast"?

Asked by reba (114points) March 27th, 2011

It aired Wednesday nights before The Wonder Years. My parents would always watch it and I would come down for Wonder Years and it would still be on. It terrified me. No one I know remembers it.

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Yes, I remember it. Cannot say I really want to though.

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I never watched it myself but I remember my mum was a fan. Linda “terminator” Hamilton was in it I think.

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My sister really liked it. I thought it was lame, but I certainly remember it. Wasn’t it a bit earlier than mid ‘90’s though? yeah… late 80’s it came out.

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Linda Hamilton after Terminator, and Ron Perlman before Hellboy.
The show was quite the hit. I am surprised no one you know remembers it.

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I loved that show!

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I remember it. I liked it.

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Yes, Ron Perlman was in it. Also from one of my all-time favorite films Quest for Fire

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I remember it because I didn’t like it!

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I think I vaguely remember a TV series with that name. It had a beast yeah, and some women, and I think a detective was on their trail. The beast lived in a sewer or something? Although I could have sworn that this played in the early nineties. Maybe I’m thinking of something else.

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Yeah, you’re right, @Symbeline. I think I just don’t like the actress.

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I loved it Ithink I was about 13 or 14

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It was the late 80s. I watched it in high school. When we went to New York my senior year we made jokes about looking for the Vincent (the Beast) in the subway.

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My mom watched it. It was terrible!

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I’m sure many people remember it. It was the subject of a massive write-in campaign to save it.

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Oh, dear, I remember. I loved the series. Now, I wouldn’t be able to sit through ten minutes of it, despite my fondness for Ron Perlman. It was terribly cheesy.

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