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In this age of the portable phone, do you take one with you to the toilet/bathroom?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) March 27th, 2011

I don’t. If it’s important, I figure they’ll leave a message.

Do you?

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I have, but I try not to.

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I do not even have one.

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My phone is almost permanently in my pants pocket, so unless I go into the bathroom without my pants, then yes I do.

I won’t answer it in there though.

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Not a good idea. A friend was talking on her phone and it fell into the toilet. When she stood up to get her phone back the toilet auto-fluched.

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I like the applause. XD

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My phone is pretty much always in my pocket, so yeah. Sometimes I will text while in the bathroom, but I usually won’t answer a call… ;)

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Only if I’m already on a call and my body is desperately trying to get my attention. And then only if it’s my husband or my best friend.

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Yes I do. And it’s surprising how many times it rings when I’m in there, trying to be discreet about my bathroom noises!!

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I rarely use my cell phone.
Now that you’ve mentioned it, where the hell is it?
ETA: Nevermind, found it. I should clean up this place…

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I do if I’m waiting for an important callback. It takes days to reach some people!

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Mine is also in my pocket most of the time…. unless I am taking a Mongolia Power-dump and have enough time for a quick game… or a slow game… or an entire e-book. However, I never bring it over the bowl; if I drop it (and I haven’t yet), it’ll go into my pants or hit the floor and not drop into the bowl.

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Not to use the toilet but I put it on the sink counter when I shower because I’m on call with two different jobs and don’t like to miss an opportunity.

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My phone is always off unless I’m expecting a call or expecting to make a call. I don’t bring it anywhere that I don’t need to bring it, and I don’t use it for anything other than making phone calls.

This is rather abnormal behavior for someone of my generation, but I really dislike telephones. I don’t know if I inherited this aversion from my grandmother (the only other person in my family who ever understood my preference to avoid telephone conversations) or if I acquired it during the time I worked at hospital (specifically, in an office where the phones never stopped ringing—even after hours).

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I do, and even take pictures while in the bathroom if the mood strikes me… Some of my best work/thoughts happen while in the bathroom, this also seems to be the only place in my home where I have any privacy.

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Yes—it’s not just FaceTime anymore. You should hear some of my tweets.

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Well, of course. When else do I get a chance to play Angry Birds?

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I do when my children aren’t home. I almost missed the call when my daughter broke her wrist at school, so my phone is always by my side now.

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Mostly for interwebs surfing purposes. I would never answer a call on the toilet! XD

My list of things I’ve brought into the bathroom also includes calculus homework, Nintendo DS, books… I’m kind of a freak in this department, though.

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i do in the morning when my child is sleeping. the rest of the time, maybe.

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Yes I do, but that’s only because it’s always in my jeans pocket.
I sometimes text from there but wouldn’t answer a call ever…. I did once though.
It was my dad and I answered with a hello,, and then suddenly realised what I just did. I then panicked and hung up….. : 3

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I’d never answer the phone while on the toilet. I’m not much of a phone-talker anyway.

I’ve taken it in the bathroom when I’m waiting for a text, or if I’m having a bath or doing my hair. I’ve answered the phone while in the bath.

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I don’t use my cell phone at home and I don’t use public toilets.

When I use a public urinal, my cell phone is usually turned off. If I ever got a call while I was using a urinal, I’d let it go to voice mail.

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I take my cellphone with me everywhere, especially to the bathroom. I am hoping to catch my border collie as he enters the shower and turns on the water himself. I plan on sending the video to Americas Funniest Videos.

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No. No. No. No. My bathroom is off-limits!

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I always have my phone with me. Sometimes even two phones with me if I am at work. I have no problem being on the phone while I am on the toilet. There have been plenty of times that I have been on the phone with people, both male and female where they were on the toilet or using the bathroom. I do try my best to be discreet with bathroom noises when I am on the phone and the toilet at the same time. I have sometimes even, attempted to end phone conversations because I needed to use the toilet, and the other person would just tell me to just go if I had to, rather than end the conversation. I had told this to one of my friends, and she told me just to take the phone with me, I shared my concerns about the bathroom noises, because I had to do #2, I did not disclose that to her, of course, and her answer to me was that we all have to have a BM every now and again, she just assumed, and correctly so. So, my answer is I will talk on the phone while using the toilet for regardless if it is #1 or #2. I will not originate a call while I am on the toilet though, but will text.

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I used to, till one time the caller asked “are you on the crapper”?

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