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What's wrong and what's right in your life?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30391points) March 27th, 2011

My life is far from perfect. I have problems just like anybody else. Some of them are real, and some are imagined. However, I have a place to call my own and food in the cupboard. I own the complete series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus to keep me entertained. Hell, I’m bipolar, which can be entertaining and heart wrenching enough.

I have friends, but I don’t have a steady paramour. My mother thinks I should be writing the great American novel. I’d be satisfied with a well-honed poem of less than a dozen lines that might be read by no one.

I have no one to play cards with, which is one of my favorite past times, but I have friends who invite me to play Scrabble weekly, and I go when I can.

Ho hum. Woe is me, and at the same time, life is great.

What’s grand and what’s bland in your life?

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I’ve got a wonderful reciprocal loving partner.
I’ve got great longtime friends and also newer ones.
I’ve got a roof, food and a job.
My future stepkids like me.
I’m healthier than in years past.

I have bitter moments reflecting why I couldn’t/didn’t have what I have now when I was younger. I annoy myself with these occasional funks.
I live in an environment where I can’t make the money I’m able to elsewhere and I get jealous watching others have the financial security and lifestyle opportunities I can no longer be a part of.

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What’s grand? As a part time weekend job I play music at the local hotel bar for a hefty sum. I do it cheaper than the local musicians union guild demands, so I get the job despite their protests. I use that to help raise my kid and to invest into the “retirement fund,” which I plan to use starting at age 51.

What’s bland? Right now, it’s between sports seasons. Hockey and basketball quit recently, and baseball doesn’t start until near the end of May. Just gotta wait it out, have no other option.

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I planted my tomato seeds and some flower seeds. I keep telling myself summer will come, sometimes I fear this is the year we have no summer.
My arthritis is getting worse seemingly so fast- in bed today. And it’s a morphine day.

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@hawaii_jake Can we figure out a way to play cards online? I’m game.

I found a new, cheaper apartment after the landlord tried to raise the rent 12%.
It is spring and so very beautiful here.
My husband and I are in a great phase in our relationship.

I realized that I have not made any friends in the two years that we have lived here except through my husband’s job.
My knee really keeps me from participating in activities that I love.

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@marinelife I think you can play cards with someone on Although I won’t swear to that. And I don’t know if they charge.

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I love where I live

Spring is coming!

I think I might not owe as much on my taxes this year. lol


A bit of the winter ‘funk’ going on, storms and gloom for days.

Some tension this last week, just ‘stuff’ mostly biz. stuff, and with confronting someone that has a manipulative side.

Due to all of the above tension have had a torqued neck and shoulder which FINALLY has unraveled itself after some serious Advil, hot tub, happy brownie intervention last

I’m feeling my center slowly returning after 5 crazy days. haha

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I have an ostomy that I have yet to become okay with
My fears hold me back from a lot of normal experiences
I never get to see my friends these days
I think I’ve had more than my fair share of health problems for my age
I’m living at home doing very little useful with my time

The ostomy goes away in July
I became braver when I went to college, backslid when I came back home, but hope and expect to regain it when I go back
I have a fabulous support system in my family
My disease is cured and I have hope that my life is about to get a lot better. Besides, I could so easily be dead right now, but I’m not.
I go back to college in the fall

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I just got into pharmacy school
I have an amazing family
I have a safe place to live and the money to afford it
I have a very sweet boyfriend and a good roommate
I’m healthy and have a great mind, and lots of potential

I often don’t appreciate all that I have
I miss home
Sometimes I look back and wonder, ‘what if’?
Sometimes I’m just sad for no reason and take it out on the people I care about most

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My military career
My friendships
My financial solvency (aside from mortgage)


My marriage
My having diabetes
My knees are deteriorating
The upside down mortgage on my house

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More friends than I can count
Two great children
A satisfying career
Rationale self esteem
Great girlfriend
Not being 22 any more
Broke due to divorce
Can’t beat my kids in one on one
Oh well

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in great health
financially comfortable, no debt
nice s/o, very supportive, problem solver
great kid & her fam, 15 miles away
full fridge and cupboards
s/o vague health problems
one daughter struggling, lazy, very mental
no friends here, old friends getting sick or worse
anxiety disorder of long duration

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1. I still have cancer.
2. I still have Type 2 Diabetes.
3. I don’t have enough money to do everything I want.

1. The cancer appears to be under control.
2. The diabetes seems to be under control.
3. I’ll soon have enough money to do almost all of what I want to do.
4. I have a WONDERFUL marriage.
5. I have five children who are kind, intelligent, reasonably successful adults.
6. I will soon have 12 grandchildren.
7. My older grandaughter is a great singer.

On balance not bad! : )

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I’m depressed with suicidal tendencies and am now on two antidepressants

I got me my smokes, and got head twice today

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I’m feeling quite content with my life at the moment
I’m healthy
I feel passionate about what I’m doing
I have wonderful people in my live who are very dear to me
I’ve got physical security

I don’t have enough money to do all of the things I want, but it could be worse I guess.
I’ve got a few pests in my life, but I’m working on it

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I have a place to live and food and water and enough freedom to be content (although I’d like to speed more without repercussions). But the bad part is: I want more moneeeeeeeeeeeey.

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