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How productive were you today?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) March 27th, 2011

Do you think you were productive today? What did you do? Or was it a lazy day? Was it a (real) work day?

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Felt productive. I cleaned, did laundry, went to a home & garden expo, went to lunch with my husband and his friend, did some shopping, cooked chicken and started spaghetti sauce for dinner, tomorrow.
Probably a typical, relaxed day for most people. However, considering that I’ve been pretty much housebound with anxiety issues for the last year.. being out that much today was exhausting. Productive, though, maybe not in the classic sense of the word.

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burned off a growing skin infection and then cauterized it, bought me some smokes, helped clean my three man dorm room. so semi productive

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Not nearly productive enough. I’ve been working on an assignment off and on all weekend. I should have finished it by now, but I’ve been pretty unmotivated.

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Productive is a highly subjective term in my life right now. I’m in the middle of quite a bit of time off from school at the moment… today I played with my Lego robotics kit for a long time, which for my current lifestyle would be considered a more productive day than most. Usually I would consider a day like today to be a very leisurely day, though.

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Oh damn, I never do anything productive on Sundays. It’s pretty much the only day in the week I don’t have too much important stuff to do. Since my Saturdays are usually spent cleaning the apartment.
I slept in real late, went to go run a few errands, played games and…that’s pretty much it. There’s some homework I should probably be doing though…

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I slept for most of the day.
I read two chapters for my English assignment (so that’s 4 chapters out of 7 I have to read). I think that counts for something.

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I have not been productive at all…hopefully I’ll make up for that a bit this evening before bed.

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Not at all. Working on sunday is a sin punishable by stoning.

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I put the fininshing touches on repairing a friend’s laptop, brought my loving wife some lunch and… well, aside from a couple of arguments here on Fluther, I really haven’t done anything else productive today. I save that stuff for Monday through Friday :p

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I had a great day. It is so rare that I get an actual weekend day to just putter around without having to be at some event.

I spent most of the day in the back yard doing the carving on a leather quiver I have in the works. Both of my kids sat with me (at different times) and practiced their carving as well (priceless).

I also took care of a bit of on-line business that needed tending to.

Took a nice little nap

Had a great sit down dinner with the family

Took a family walk with the dogs after dinner.


All in all, one heck of a Sunday!

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I did about five loads of laundry and hung up a bunch of clothes in the closet, and put clothes away into my dresser and my daughter’s dresser.

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Don’t remind me! :(

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Considering I slept till noon, it was super productive. I got a blazer, tank top, and earrings for my job interview on Tuesday. I cleaned the bathroom, changed my sheets, dusted, finally put my bedding on my bed after a month of it sitting in a bag in my closet, cooked a delicious dinner with friends, and did all the dishes. I also took a great ‘Sunday’ shower, picked out my outfit for tomorrow, and made lunch. Coffee is basically ready to go too… yessss. Love Sundays.

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school, classes, work.
the best part of my day was playing footy with the guys at lunch :)

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I took my girls to Target for a bit of shopping, worked here, and straightened up my kitchen (which was a disaster). I didn’t actually do the dishes though… ran out of energy. Sadly, this is actually a pretty productive day, for me.

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I have got a lot done at work even though the phone seems to be ringing off the hook and my lunchbreak was a bit longer than planned. Unwinding now before I leave this job and go to my evening job where I can’t Fluther :(

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I have not been as productive as I generally can be. I woke up all weird and haven’t been able to shake it off. I went in to work late, cutting my efficacy for the day and have a speaking engagement in the evening that I’m nervous about.

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