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Can anyone help me find a paid summer job on a farm?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) March 27th, 2011

I’m studying agriculture. I’m thinking about starting a farm in the future. I’d like to work for a successful farm to see if the work suits me. Here is what I’m looking for:

*Start/end dates between May and August 2011. Ideally 2 months.
*Pay. I simply cannot afford to work for free right now.
*Housing provided or very very cheap.
*I am specifically interested in herbs, fruits/orchards, livestock and greenhouse work.
*The business is well-established, not a hobby or side-business but the main source of income for its owner and is in the black. I want to learn from a savvy businessperson.

Anyone know of anything? I am willing to travel almost anywhere.

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There is these incedible greenhouses in Connecticut call Logees they have a website they have everything imaginable. It is a family owned business that has been there for over 100 years. I don’t know if they have what you are looking for or have any jobs available but if you want to learn about different types of plants they have everything you can imagine. Try contacting them to see if they have something available it would be worth the learning experience. I know I drive from RI to get my plants from them, I have a banana tree growing in my house right now from them along with a miniture pomegrante, blueberry bush, blood orange tree. They have this lemon tree that is over 100 years old that broke out of its pot growing inside the greenhouse that grows lemons bigger than a grapefruit. They have been featured on Martha Stewart before. Its just an incredible place and if you even like plants you will love this place. I go here when I need a tropical get away sometime because they have all the plants for it.

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Have you tried your university placement office?

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@creative1 Thanks for the tip! I contacted them.

@BarnacleBill Thanks for the reply. Yes I have. They were not helpful. I’ve also spoken with professors and their recommendation (yes, singular) does not appear to have panned out. Plus, they were recommending research oriented jobs and I am really seeking a farm job.

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Good luck I hope they have what you are looking for, it would be an incredible place to work for the plant lover. I would think your looking at the right time nice and early before the spring has started and they have filled the positions for the summer rushes

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Try going to a local feed store, and asking around or maybe posting on a bulletin board, if they have one.

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I ran across a link to ATTRA on our local organic gardening site. They have an internship page. Also, a neighbor has a garlic farm. He suggested looking at family run farms in your area through Community Supported Agriculture

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