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How do you keep from accidentially pulling the cord from the wall while using a vacuum, leaf blower, etc?

Asked by schuttem1 (7points) March 27th, 2011

Not only do I lose my connection, I’ve notice that my ground wire prong is missing from being pulled from the outlet and the other prongs get bent and twisted.

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I try to keep a certain amount of length of the cord draped over my shoulder; when I feel this portion starting to draw tight, I know that need to adjust/untangle/unsnag, etc. some more cord to keep from tugging it out of the socket. I have to deal with this all the time because my mother refuses to have any gas-powered lawn tools on the property.

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I knot it around something stationary close to the outlet. A tree or a table leg does nicely.

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That’s actually a great idea @math nerd…hmm. I think I’ll be using that this summer!

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@math_nerd excellent idea!

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Maybe it’s a chainsaw…

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I always hold a little bit of slack (near the device) in my hand, so I can feel it getting taut.

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For the leaf blower, I tie an end to the porch railing leaving enough to plug the sucker in.

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I usually get tired before I reach the end of the cord and quit.

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Well, my cord is (was) 50 feet… I think the leverage of the length added to the tension and has caused the prong to break as I pulled it at an angle….the cord is about 3 years old. I actually put my flower pot on the cord…I don’t have railing!

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