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Do you have a family ghost?

Asked by dubsrayboo (2574points) March 27th, 2011

Just for fun. My family has a family ghost named George. If something has gone wrong or if no other excuse can be used it’s because of George. George has been my ghost since high school and he came along with my family.

So who is the “George” in your family? Or if you have a real ghost in your home, those experiances would be interesting to hear also.

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Not in my family home, but where I lived with housemates last year. We named our ghost “Percy”. :)

Strange things would happen, such as loud bangs, doors opening on their own, those sorts of things. On one occasion the oven was left open and on for a while until one of my flatmates noticed. We also had an attic door in the kitchen which you can’t open without a broom if you understand me. We came back from an outing and it was fully open, which really scared us.

One of my flatmates then confessed her family were heavily involved in paranormal activity but she wasn’t herself. One night she felt something pressing her down in her dream and she couldn’t move when she woke up. She was in the room with the oldest fireplace aswell.

Strange things but we’d laugh it off and go, “PERCY!” if anything strange would happen. Whether it was just our imaginations or not, it sure was fun.

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At my mom’s house before it was remodeled I would always hear a sound like a person slowly typing on an old typewriter. One of two of my friends heard it at well. We called it the “typing ghost” and associated it with some of the unexplainable things at that house, the strangest of which was: One night I brought about 6 friends over to hang out and the lights suddenly went out and stayed out leaving us at different points in the house with no light whatsoever in a rural area. I had planned on staying there and maybe a friend or two staying over but we left when everyone finally scrambled out (one from the attic strangely enough).

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My aunty had a ghost in her old house and his name was John, John was his actual name and he had died in the house 10 years eariler. At night if you were in the kitchen and looked through the window towards the back yard you could actually see his face, many of my relatives including me saw this man and often wondered how he died. We soon figured it had a big chance that he died from smoking because in the upstairs bathroom we would wake up in the morning and the vanity would be covered in butts and ash. (None of my famly smoke). it was quite scar. this house is also a housing comition and when my aunty moved out 1 year later my other aunty got offered the same house. Everyone thought the ghost was after our family so she declined.

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Sorry just can’t resist but the closest family ghosts we have are the ghosts of our family’s mistakes that continues to haunt us till now…

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We don’t but for the longest time after grandma passed away I would feel this odd, sudden pressure on my right shoulder in the shower in her old house (we moved in there shortly after she passed). It always freaked me out because it felt like someone was pushing me suddenly. I haven’t felt it in a while and have heard some stuff about steam and “ghosts” ... kinda freaky!

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Yes we call him Uncle Trevor…..scary old goat. He’s 84yrs old now…....bless.

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@mazingerz88 LOL! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh at that….....

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The last time I visited my Nana in the hospital before she died, she told me to tell Mr. Fiance that he’d better be good to me, or else she’d haunt him. Does that count?

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@Blackberry Nah it’s ok. We are working it out in a nice way I think. Come to think of it, ghosts in movies, they do strengthen the characters of those who encountered and succeeded them. Hmm…

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When I was in college, the fire door in our dorm never latched well, and would always bang open at weird times. We decided that it was due to “Louie the axe murderer.” Other strange noises would also be blamed on our resident serial killer.

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In my family home we reckon there’s something… feels like a man, but we don’t know if anyone died in the house. If you’re downstairs you can often hear someone walking around upstairs even if you’re the only person in the house. And i’ve been in the bathroom when everyone else is out and heard someone moving things in the kitchen only to find nothing moved when I went down. (OooooOOOoooo =P)
When i moved out to uni my mum said certain things got worse like the sound of someone stomping down the stairs and also hearing the front door knock when no one was there. And it sometimes feels as though someone is tapping you on the back in the kitchen.

I didn’t really care too much about ghosts though until my house at uni seemed to have strange things happening too. My housemate went home for the weekend and locked her door and one night all we could hear from the room below was this bumping sound as if someone was dragging her chair across the room. Also the door handle to the shower rattles whenever you’re in there even though its really stiff whenever you actually want to use it and we’ve seen it move on its own a lot! Creeps us out majorly… especially one night – after our neighbour told us an old woman died in the house – we all ended up flapping about screaming and had to keep going to the toilet together.

Ahh can’t wait til I can start scaring people as a ghost! =)

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These are cool experiences, or very spooky. I thought George was a figment of my imagination while in school. But when I got married and had children, funny things do happen, (mainly doors suddenly being open and other “Where did it go? It was right here!” things) and one of the kids said she’s actually seen him. A bit spooky considering I made him up in high school.

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There used to be a ghost in my place but it’s not there anymore. I don’t feel her any longer.

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No real ghosts like that in my family, but there was this teacher in highschool who…had an invisible friend named George. I was never in her class so I never witnessed it, but students that studied under her often told some rather disturbing stories. She was a little too serious about it, and would literally not start a class until everyone had greeted George. Sometimes students even had to apologize to Goerge…she eventually had her position revoked, and worked in the school library after this. Although I’m unsure if this was because of her George thing or rumoured drinking habit.

When I was kid, my dad rented a house…a big ol two story house. He said he could feel the house’s spirit, and said that it had seen much violence, depression and sorrow. It was a sad and lonely spirit. Apparently, according to my dad, the house was very happy with having us live in it, because he said that it hadn’t seen kids in forever, and I brought cheer and joy to the spirit of the house. Haha, dad was so corny. :D
But he was also creepy, he swore to me that he could also feel death. he had a job in this place, where he worked in a woman’s house. She wasn’t there during the day, but her dying husband was. My dad said that from the corner of his eye, when he walked by the bedroom, he saw a dark figure sitting by the husband, waiting for him to die. He said he didn’t feel scared, but there was that sense of complete certainty that this man was not gonna make it. I denno. He told the man’s nurse that came over now and then, and she was like, dude gtfo lol.

I didn’t answer the question…but if the following counts, we lived in this old apartment building, and it had a creepy basement with a door that led outside. There was some stairs to go up from that door, and a bunch of trash and crap blocking the way. This was obviously no longer used. I denno why but I imagined that in those debris, there was a monster that lived there, and it fed on human urine. This other apartment block had a Chinese dragon living under the stairs…okay I’m done lol. XD That’s the closest answers I have.

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