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What's a good alcoholic beverage for those with a sensitive stomach?

Asked by CBrennan15 (353points) March 27th, 2011

My girlfriend drinks, and has done so for many years without a problem. Lately, however, she’s complained of being nauseous with an upset stomach after very little drinking. That’s the only time she complains about it too, so I think it just has to be the alcohol. It was with wine two times, and rum the next.

I suggested switching to beer or something mixed with tonic and/or gingerale. Does this sound right? or any other suggestions?

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Just plain rum? I would think rum in something like a daiquiri would be much better. Or maybe she’s drinking it on an empty stomach, and noshing on some bread or crackers would help her.

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@MyNewtBoobs I should’ve been more specific with the rum part. It was mixed with some V8 and lemonade or something ridiculously girly like that

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I wouldn’t recommend anything with sugar, most likely that is contributing to the stomach upset.

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I’ve been the same way lately. Though I don’t drink hard alcohol because of this, and I’ve always been a beer drinker, beer has made me feel queasy lately too. Maybe she should just take a break, or sip on beer if she really wants to drink? That’s what I do

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Maybe she should just quit drinking. As people age, they tend to develop sensitivities to certain things. Sometimes you just have to stop doing those things. She should probably discuss this with her doctor too. If it is indeed alcohol that is causing the problems, then she should get her kidneys and her liver checked with simple blood tests. It may not be the alcohol, it could be something else. When it comes to your health, don’t speculate.

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carona beer no lemon

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Gin and tonic with lime. :)

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She might want to try mixing rye with ginger ale – they say that ginger eases nausea, so maybe in this case it’ll prevent it ;)

Sugar is likely a contributor too – I know that if I drink coolers or something else that’s very sweet, I feel worse in the morning than if I were to drink beer or wine. If she’s going to use pop as a mixer, diet might be better. Or, if it’s just the fizziness that she likes, she could try mixing with tonic.

Some people say that vodka is the “cleanest” liquor – it doesn’t have much of a smell, and a few people I know claim that drinking vodka and water leads to hangover-free mornings.

But yeah, it might be something she wants to check with her doctor about. You haven’t said how old she is or how often she drinks, but there might be something else going on there.

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LIght beer. Either Bud Select or Michelob Ultra Light. That is the best way to go for a sensitive stomach. I’ve always had a sensitive stomach and this has worked for me for decades. I drink more than a few each sitting.

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