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What other options are out there for people with cat allergies, besides antihistamines?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5511points) March 28th, 2011

I would very much like a cat, or some other cute fuzzy animal. I grew up with outdoor cats most of my life, and really miss having a cat around. Here’s the kicker; I’m severely allergic to them to the point where being in a house or room with cats can cause me to go into an asthma attack. I am also allergic to pretty much any furry and or/feathery animal.

When my family had cats, they had to be strictly, or at the very least mostly outdoor cats. If I pet them I had to wash my hands immediately, and I was constantly popping Benedryls. I tried Claritin D (the one you take only once a day) for a while, and also Allegra, loratadine, and nasonex. My mom and I shared a room for a while, and she told my my wheezing at night really scared her. When I moved in with my boyfriend into a cat-free house, I discovered that I had never known what it was like to actually be able to breathe! I have also found myself to be allergic to All things with fur or feathers, as well as reptile feces.

But… I really miss having a sweet small and fluffy something or other to care for. Also, I am moving to a city in a couple months, and may not be able to have a yard.

Has anyone had luck with allergy shots? What other options are available?

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You could try one of those hypoallergenic dogs.

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thanks. I have done some research into those. I’m not much of a dog person, especially not for the tinier breeds, which are the kind that tend to be “hypoallergenic” (not without a weekly bath says Wikipedia) but that may be my only option if I want a pet as badly as I do. :/

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You could try a series of allergy shots. Sometimes they work well enough that you can actually overcome the allergy altogether.

Also: Hairless cats

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cool, despite my fear of needles, allergy shots could be the way to go. Hairless cats, sadly, are not hypoallergenic. The allergens are in their saliva.

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Here is an article listing some cat breeds which are less likely to produce allergic reactions. Maybe allergy shots in combination with one of these breeds would work for you.

I know a guy who has a Sphynx (hairless), and he doesn’t bathe nearly as much as any hairy cat. A Sphynx might work as long as you don’t let him kiss you, and as long as you get him used to being bathed often as a kitten.

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Wow thanks! I’m amazed I haven’t come across this article before. super super helpful. :D

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I’m pretty sure there are also hypoallergenic cat aswell. They just cost A LOT more money.

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Nasalchrome can help but I’d get the generic.

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cool… yeah no cats or dogs are ever truly allergen-free, I knew there were dogs that were less allergenic. the cats are news to me though! I’ll have to look into that, since I am way more of a cat person. :)

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@FluffyChicken: Sphynx cats are way high maintenance, and they are very expensive to obtain. Their skin has special needs and requires you to set time aside without fail for weekly care. I love them, but it’s a real commitment and not everyone is ready for them.

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I solved this problem by getting a poodle. Miraculously, I’m not allergic to him.

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