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What do you think is the "in" thing today that could be used as a media in a campaign?

Asked by meeeek (50points) March 28th, 2011

I need something to catch people’s attention, something that they couldn’t resist. My target market are the advertisers themselves, and also students taking up advertising. What could possibly attract or intrigue them to come? Ohplease help me out! :(

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Flash mobs, Flip cameras, and blogging may just be the combination you’re looking for.

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In my ‘Godfather’ voice, and pounding my fist into my palm for emphasis:

Make ‘em an offer dey can’t refuse.

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What is your product?

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Personally when it comes to advertising I think individuality is the key, use your imagination. Get the ball rolling with something like an “Your Ad Here” sign, Really build on the visuals, but have a happy medium, don’t over do it. Try to impress and show your audience that soon they could have their own great design base; mix it up a bit.
If your first shot at it fails, pick your self up and start again.

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Well, kind of working in a void here, because I don’t know what you’re selling. My favorite ads are the understated hilarious ones, where body language and looks people get and give are the punchlines.

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@Dutchess_III Uhmm, it’s actually an event, a seminar :)

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A seminar for….?

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Well a seminar for advertising people would be my guess. So take the old revamp into the new with a bit of creativity. Using modern day big media, the web, tv, radio, facebook, twitter, and so on. If it’s in public speaking you have to have different sets of target groups for the same thing such as geico’s ads, the former drill instructor for military personell, sports stars more for men targeting, and things like this in general. Look at your target group trying to get advertisers, “Better advertising seminar”, something like that.

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Science is the new cool.—Chuck Lorre

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I thought Charlie Sheen was the new cool….

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Well, he’s a good actor, but not a very good role model.

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Be clever. You ever see the really cool commercials… clever.

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