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What weird habits do you have?

Asked by MilkyWay (13723points) March 28th, 2011

It’s been three years since someone has asked a question like this, so here goes. Do you have any weird habits? Things you do habitually or on purpose just because you like to? I have a few that I like to do, and it always brings about a priceless reaction from people! Please do tell.

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Well, ironically I seem to be more productive at work if I do something like answer a question or two on Fluther between tasks. It often gives me time to digest whatever I am working using a different (background) part of my brain and seems to help move things forward more than just staring at a bunch of code does.

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To be the most productive, I find that I have to multitask. By that I don’t just mean doing several things at the same time…I also like to intertwine my tasks. So, let’s say I need to so some cleaning, but I need to study, and I also want to read a really good book I’m into. I will do a certain amount of cleaning, then a set amount of studying (either timed or based on a certain amount of reading and/or homework problems), then allow myself to read a chapter of my book. I do this with any number of things, and I think it’s rather odd, but then, so am I…

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I rarely mix liquids with solids when I eat. For example: I don’t like gravy on my turkey and I cannot eat yogurt with chunks of fruit in it (makes me almost gag).

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Yeah I kind of do…..oh you wanna know what is? Well okay then, seeing as it’s you.
I’ve developed this habit over the years where I avoid stepping on drain/manhole covers. I mean i’ll actually adjust my stride sometimes rather than have my foot come into contact with them. Don’t know if that’s weird…..not even sure if it’s a habit or just me being as mad as a box of frogs, but there you go :¬)

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@ucme My friend does that… it gets so bad she will actually push me all over the place when we walk along together so that I avoid them too! It really upsets her day if i havent even realised I’ve stepped on one!

I have the weird habit (actually i’ve discovered many people have this) of only eating an even numbe of things or only taking an even number of bites. If someone gives me 3 skittles heaven forbid… however will i cope with the odd number of rainbowy goodness!

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I pick my nose with two fingers instead of one.

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Will always drive back using a different route than the one taken, even if it is just turning one block earlier one the short trips. Been doing that for like 20 years, have no idea why.

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I flick doorknobs twice before I open them, that also applies to car doors. It’s more of a compulsion, but I’ll call it a weird habit.

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Well since this is turning into more of an OCD confessional forum, I might aswell share;
I have to count the amount of stairs I go down or up wherever whenever. I’ve done it so much that I’ve become skilled at estimating the amount of steps there will be before even going up/down them.

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This is a bit of an odd one I have never told to anyone but when thinking of a word I sometimes have a compulsion to move my fingers as though I were writing it out in longhand.

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@flutherother : Sometimes when I hear piano music, my fingers start moving as if they are playing the part…

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I think that’s every musicians’ ocd

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@yankeetooter Hey..that happens to me too : D

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@flutherother My aunt does that.

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I remove all labels from inside my clothes so they won’t scratch or itch me.

I often lay my damp shower/bath towel across my bed so it dries quick. Drives Mr. nuts!

I eat my salad after my other food, kind of like a digestive.

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Agreed on the salad part—I do the same thing! It’s weird yet interesting to know that I’m not the only one that does that. If eaten before a meal like “regular”, then I don’t enjoy it very much because I want a main course first. I go to a restaurant to eat a meal, not a wimply sald, then meal. I eat salad after also because it does help me sort-of settle my stomach after, too.

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I have to have Vick’s vapor rub menthol on my lips
at night before I can sleep. The menthol soothes me.
I have forgotten and fell asleep and then woke up
in the night and put it on!

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