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Can anyone help with

Asked by Fairylover78 (1188points) March 28th, 2011

So I looked up this website recommended by a friend and thought, cool I’ll sign up, might come in handy sometime… Problem now is I get over 100 emjails a day from this website. I have unsubscribed 5 times and still get notification emails from my area, any advice, what can I do to make it stop, I tried unsubscribing again today, still getting email! Driving me crazy! ( is a website where you can find people in your area selling/giving things away near you, all you have to do is go get it) Have to make the emails stop before I pull out all of my hair!

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If you have Yahoo
1. open up the MMFN ReUseIt Digest
2. in the right hand column look for Visit Your Group (select)
3. at the top of page you should see Edit Membership (select)
4. scroll down to Step 2. Message Delivery
5. choose Web Only
6. don’t forget to select Save Changes

Hope this works.:)

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I was going to suggest contacting the mailer and telling them your unsubscribing has not worked.

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What browser are you using? Can’t you mark them as “spam” or “junk” and have your filter pull them out?

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You should be able to write to the group leader and ask to have the emails condensed into one daily email – or none at all.

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There is a head volunteer for every group. Contact that person directly – you should be able to find the information on your Freecycle site. Good luck.

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Thanks so much guys! I’m trying a few of these methods…. so far marking them as spam takes off the ones I get, the problem is I get different notices from different users from the site, so although it marks the ones I say as spam and I dont get more from them, I’m still getting from different users…. hmmm, have sent more emails and am researching who else to contact, thanks so much for the advice, somethings gotta work! Fluther is awesome and you peeps are amazing!

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You should also have the option of receiving bundled emails where you only receive one or two emails from them a day.

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