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Easy but impressive looking circus tricks?

Asked by Blonderaven (387points) March 28th, 2011

I’m involved in this community theater show. There is a circus component to it , and the director wants an an act written in that an athletic boy (about twelve years old) with some tumbling experience, but not much else, can learn quickly, but it still looks interesting. I was thinking diablo (chineese yoyo) maybe. Any other ideas?

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You could always do the old “Tumble through the ring of fire” thing. Or do the backflips over the hurdles thing.

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Believe it or not spitting fire is really easy and safer than you would expect. You would just need to show the youngster how to spit grain alcohol or lamp oil onto a torch in a spit take like spray.

Good luck getting parental consent, and permission from the theater owner…

On second thought, juggling is also fairly easy to learn and there are tons of tutorials on you tube.

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you know what’s really easy to learn how to do (even I can do it and I do!) is balance. You can balance a stick,like a broom stick, on your palm, and then switch it to your finger and back. then when you get good (like I am! not bragging, ok maybe i am bragging) you can balance a chair on your finger. I’m sure if someone had more time they could learn to balance more things.

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Like @missafantastico mentioned, juggling is typically regarded as a easy but fairly impressive trick. I was never able to do it well (seriously, I practiced a lot), but that’s probably because I have incredibly poor fine motor control.

I would, however, disagree with @missafantastico‘s suggestion of firebreathing. She’s correct in that it’s actually incredibly easy, I’m not sure it would be safe for a twelve year old boy. It’s absolutely safe if done correctly, but if inhaled (which I’d imagine could be possible with an inexperienced beginner in a high-pressure situation)’s not pretty. A slight variation might be safer, though a lot less impressive. Blowing sawdust (or anything with really small surface area, really) over some kind of fire source has a similar effect and the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Slackrope might also be a possibility. Also possibly a unicycle (that always seemed hard to me, but my friend told me that it wasn’t actually nearly as hard as it looks), depending on how long he has to train?

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Thanks everyone. Don’t know exactly what we’re doing yet, but this definitely helped with the brainstorming!

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