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How are Odysseus and Ulysses alike and different?

Asked by Quinnk123 (201points) March 28th, 2011

I need help on my compare and contrast essay for The Odyssey and the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. I can’t really think of ways that the main characters in each, Odysseus and Ulysses, are alike and different. Please help! Thanks in advance!

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Odysseus is the Latin version of the Greek name Ulysses. Does that help?

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Just so you know for the future, the purpose of Fluther isn’t to help you with your homework. And in the future, everybody will refuse to do so.

Try and think thematically. That is, don’t say, well, Ulysses is American and Odysseus is Greek. Try to get inside their heads and consider their motivations. Why does Ulysses do what he does? Why does Odysseus? How do they go about accomplishing their goals? What kind of challenges present themselves?

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O Brother is basically a modern re-telling of the Odyssey. Think about the parallels with the three ladies at the river singing (the sirens), the John Goodman character (cyclops), the blind guitarist (the blind prophet) – how did Odysseus and Ulysses deal with these situations?

Penelope waited for Odysseus while he was travelling all over the place – what about Ulysses’ wife while he was in jail?

Think about the different obstacles that Odysseus encounters on his way home. Ulysses goes through a lot of the same kind of stuff – how does each deal with it?

@quarkquarkquark is right – you won’t find anyone here to do your homework for you.

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Look here for a list of references.
You’re welcome.

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About the homework issue – we’ll help, and give you ideas, we just won’t give you flat-out answers.

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Right—and it’s best if you take a shot at it yourself and ask for help only when you’re stuck. Helping with homework is one thing, and doing it for you is quite another.

By the way, small correction to Seelix’s character notes: there’s no blind guitarist. The blind railroad man is the counterpart of the blind seer.

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@Seelix I know you wont give me legit answers, i just didn’t know where to start my essay… the questions you told me to think about really helped me start it thank you

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