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how do i fix my computer clock?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) May 24th, 2007
i spilled water on my computer this morning, and though it is back to working (thank god! and ben finkel!) the clock shows the wrong time! any way to fix it, or do i just go ahead and thank my lucky stars.
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Use your watch. Thank everything, including the coke bottle the Gods threw from the sky and kiss Ben's ring. (However even tho on Mac OS 10, clock is easy to reset from Apple Preferences- I wouldn't push my luck.)
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Usually if you just click on the time that the computer is showing you, that will take you to a clock that will let you reset the time.
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you can (after unplugging everything from that 120V / 240 V power socket in the vertical surface commonly known as a wall) open up your computer to check if anything's wet in there ... if there is, just let it sit until it dries, then change the time

the reason I say that is because on the motherboard there is a little battery thing (might not be on all computers) that helps provide power to store information in a little BIOS chip ... which stores, among many things, the system time for you computer

if you want, you can also goto the BIOS setup screen (there's a key you're supposed to press at bootup ... usually F1 or Esc or some such ... you gotta kinda just watch for it, it's really fast usually) and double check to see if you system time is messed up ... if that is, then change that first, before changing the time inside the OS ... hopefully this helps! ^_^

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