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Can you help me get cool glasses?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) March 28th, 2011

I’m finally going to an eye-doctor after a 6 year hiatus. I know I need glasses – contacts are not an option: I used to use them and they’re – for lack of a better term – icky. So, I want some cool, unique frames, but I wouldn’t know where to look. I live near NYC, so I know I can plunk down $500 for some designer crap, but I’m looking for something more modestly priced. Should I go the lens-crafter route? Should I go hoity-toity? I’d order from a catalog, but would prefer to try them on myself. I’m at a loss. Any suggestions?

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I get mine done at Wal-Mart. For under $150, you get an exam, lenses and frames. Mine are a touch more because of the bifocals. They have all sorts of frames there and service second to none. Heck, there were times I was shopping Wal-Mart, went to the eye place to maske an appointment, and they were like “How does now sound?” 30 minutes later was leaving with a new pair of glasses—on order, of course.

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Get the Frogskins by Oakley, my friend got those a few years back and still going strong. He can’t see far away and he got the special lenses from Oakley. I would have to ask him to be sure, and that will take a little bit.

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I went to Walmart also. They have a good selection from 19.95 on up to 300.00. Surely you can find something cool there.

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@mrmijunte – nice, but I’d still like to try them on. Is your friend on the east-coast?

@12Oaks – I’ll definitely check-out Walmart; they’re right near me, but of course, they’re right near everybody – cue up Draconian music. Still, though, they have some nice stuff – even if they’re temporary till I can save up some dough. And, beyond that, maybe they’ll be keepers for my peepers.

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OK, I asked my friend and I was wrong, he has the Frogskins and he got ones that are almost the same in Italy. No, he is in Spain.

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Costco is another option – they have moderately priced glasses and designer stuff too (if you’re a member, that is).

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You might consider taking a friend whose style taste you appreciate and is willing to help you find the right frames. And just make sure that whatever you pick out fits very comfortably. Communicate what feels right and what doesn’t to the attendant who is helping you. The glasses can either be adjusted, or they can help you find a similar pair that fits better. Ohh, and see if they have any of the silky cloths for cleaning the lenses.

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Right on, guys! I’ll be seeing y’all soon.

seriously, it’s hard to see my screen

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