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During menstruation, is this normal?

Asked by Trozeii (55points) March 28th, 2011

Is it normal to be sad and depressed during your period, and also to crave different food’s out of the blue? This has been happening to me during my time’s of the month, and it kinda puzzles me. Another thing, is it normal to have an irregular flow? For example, heavy one day, light the next?

This is sort of a weird question haha :P

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Yes it is normal. All of it. Your hormones are wacky during this time and you can go from being totally happy and laughing one minute to crying the next.

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Yep, it’s normal.

There are some formulations of birth control pills that may help with hormonal moodiness.

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I am having such a miserable day Yes, @Trozeii I’m terribly afraid it is completely normal.

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Unfortunately it is normal :( Even with hormonal birth control, I still have instant mood swings and sometimes I just want to eat everything, even though I feel like a blown up whale. It’s really upsetting, literally.

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Yuh-huh. Sometimes I feel like a bottomless pit – I could eat everything in the house and still be hungry.

If you’re a tampon user, get some tampons of varying absorbencies (light>regular>super) and only use the absorbency you need.

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yep totally normal. I tend to get really angry the week before, and the week of I get really weepy and irrational. birth control really helps me though

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Perfectly normal…. Unfortunately.

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Yes it’s normal. Take some Midol, eat some chocolate and watch a laugh-out-loud movie.

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Yes, this is completely normal. Sometimes I crave the wierdest foods just because. Also, not everyday is the same, and not every month is the same. Some people have one heavy day and one light day, or all light days…it depends but its completely normal

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Yup!!All of it is normal! Eat all you crave.You need to be worried only if you miss a couple of your cycles.I always have heavy flow issues,and staining issues!My aunt suggested me use adira period panties.I haven’t stained after its use.

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