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What keeps you awake at night?

Asked by mazzkat (305points) March 28th, 2011

For me it’s backtracking through all my memories and realising I care more and more about the ones that were far more recent. For example, this time 3 years ago, I would be missing my college days and the people I used to know back home, etc.

Sometimes, it’s just the fact I’m a picky sleeper. I have to wait until my eyelids can’t stay open anymore, otherwise I won’t get to sleep. Never used to be like this, funnily enough.

So what keeps you awake at night?

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Any number of things, although apparently not for too long or I’d be really tired all the time…

1) Worrying about money (bad thing)
2) Stress about work (another bad thing)
3) When I know I need to fall asleep right away because I have to get up really early and I need my sleep (random thing)
4) If there’s a big spider in my bedroom (bad thing)
5) Thoughts of the guy I like (good thing!)

By the way, I probably wouldn’t even be in bed with the lights out if there was really a big spider in my bedroom. I would have to have a fight to the death (hopefully not mine) with it before I could turn out the lights…lol!

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1) Irritation/inpatience with my current finances.

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Right now, it’s that I can’t seem to get anyone from my college to give me the codes to sign up for next quarter.

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There are books that need to be written, girls that need to be made love to, and inky dark forests that need to be explored. That’s pretty much what keeps me awake at night.

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Playing out scenarios to things that never happened, or re-doing ones that did in my head. Just worrying about things that I can’t control or can’t go back and fix.

Or the fact that my roommate likes to keep the light on, sometimes all night… Gotta love college.

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@yankeetooter no need for a preference of order when you can multitask!

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Skipping stones across a rivers surface and getting min. of 7 skips….at least 2 more than her!

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My pager when I’m on call.

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Trying to sleep- alas, just sleep- next to the person who was your first lover and with whom you had a friends-with-benefits relationship for over 15 years, when you haven’t shared a bed for about a dozen years, and he’s now married to a monogamous wife and keeping that commitment. Every small sound, every scent, going straight to your limbic system and causing major hormonal surges, and the memories that keep flooding back…

Yep…that’ll do it.

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@crisw That’s why God created Ambien. (And my lips are sealed).

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Nowt, as soon as my head hits the pillow i’m out.

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My graveyard shift.

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Nicholas Cage is under my bed and he is very loud.

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My stupid brain. I don’t worry, exactly, I just think. About everything. It never shuts up until I’m too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

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Money worries. Home repair worries. Worrying about the kids, even though they don’t seem to need worrying at the moment.

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Worry. I am always worrying about something whether it is money issues, loved ones and whether they are ok, something I have said or done during the day that I wish I could take back, the list goes on.

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For me insomnia stems from the manic part of being bi-polar. Stress and worries. Stimulant drugs. Trying to sleep without sedative drugs. Reading books, watching tv and being online keep me up sometimes also because when I start on someting I tend to not put these down until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

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My neighbor’s loud ass dogs.

Seriously though… just general stress and the paranoia of having two young daughters and living in a neighborhood where 2 registered pedophiles live.

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